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    Wiley / NINJA “Servergate” Giveaway!

    The What: 20 Winners … 10 Wiley Single Section Software pins winners (retail value $105 each) / 10 NINJA Study Guide Single Section winners (retail value $67 each).

    The When: Friday September 23, 2011

    The How: Post in this thread the following …

    1. Your Score(s) from the July/August Window

    2. The study material(s) you used

    3. If you passed – a success tip to pass onto fellow candidates.

    If you didn’t pass – something different you’re going to tweak the next time around.

    Winners will be randomly chosen using a random # function in Excel and the corresponding post # in this thread will be the winner beginning with 10 Wiley winners and then 10 NINJA winners. For instance, if there are 100 posts, and I set the random cell generator between 1 and 100 and it picks cell 26, then the 26th post author will be chosen. I login per candidate only (and I can tell if you have more than one login) 😉

    AUD - 79
    BEC - 80
    FAR - 76
    REG - 92
    Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS)
    NINJA CPA Review
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    1. FAR 53

    2. Becker

    3. Next time around I'm going to make my husband help out more with our 11 month old..and the baby that will be born next month. I do too much while trying to study and I end up not focusing on the material. I'm studying for AUD now.


    1.) AUD- 43

    2.) Becker

    3.) This time around I will do my MC's three-four times other than 2x's. Also I will put more focus on the simulations as well. I will take advantage of Jeff's advice on copying all the notes. I have purchased the NINJA notes so those will be my supplement area of material. I must stick with my study plan. LIFE AS I KNOW IT IS A COMPLETE MEMORY UNTIL I PASS. I want this title so BAD !!!! I will sacrifice the little things for it.

    I wish everyone taking their CPA exam much success. 🙂


    1. REG – 79

    2. Just used Wiley Book

    3. Using Yaeger now for the lectures and I find they are pretty great.


    1. 74 – REG in August (and I'm very upset with Phil)

    2. Yaeger Homestudy + Wiley Book/Bank and NINJA Notes

    3. I will have to really nail down the SIMS and refresh the MCQs. I think I will use the NASBA letter to drive my content focus. I was positive I knew the material!


    Licensed as of July 17, 2012!

    BEC [68, 76]
    AUD [75, 89]
    FAR [56, 82]
    REG [55, 74, 65, 91]


    1. AUD – terrible , BEC –??

    2. Becker

    3. More MC, and utilizing the NINJA notes more, rewriting until it sticks.


    Havent tested in this window, Taking AUD next window


    Plan to build in flex time for those life days that cant be helped occur, concentrate on reviewing more practice tests under exam conditions, and rewriting notes as per ninja recommendations


    1) Score AUD – 70

    2) I used Becker & CPAexcel

    3) I will try to double up on the MCQs and focus less on public audit and more on government and private auditing.

    AUD - Passed 2016
    REG - Passed 2015
    FAR - Passed 2016
    BEC -Passed 2014

    Still at it

    1. From the July/August Window, I got a 63 in BEC and a 61 in AUD

    2. I used Becker and the Ninja master study guide for BEC only.

    3. I studied day and night, did the multiple choice questions like they say one should, over and over again. Next time around I will do all the simulations several times because I scored “weaker” on all SIMS (BEC and AUD).

    Good luck to all those taking exams in October & November 🙂


    1. REG – 83, still waiting on BEC

    2. Becker Self-Study

    3. I study by watching each lecture, doing every single multiple choice question, writing out the entire answer to every single multiple choice question, and then about a week before the exam I start re-copying them. Not necessarily all of them, but all of them if I have time. Then I do the supplementary multiple choice questions, then I do as many practice exams as I can.

    AUD - 81, expires 4/30/12
    REG - 83
    FAR - 64, 63, 72, 80
    BEC - 60, 71, 70, 70, took again on 4/20/2012...76 and DONE!!! With 10 days to spare 🙂


    AUD – 56 I used Becker and hated every minute of it. I just bought Rogers CPA and I plan to be more dedicated to it this time!

    FAR – 72 I used Yaeger and Becker but decided governmental and not-for-profit weren't that important…and I failed. Lesson learned!

    REG 10/31/11

    FAR 72 retake on 11/30/11

    AUD 56 omg retake on 1/15/12

    BEC 2/28/12


    1. Audit – 74

    2. Becker, NINJA framework

    3. I need to learn and understand rather than memorize the material. I plan to focus my efforts on practicing what I am learning and creating better notes.

    BEC: 79 - April 2011
    FAR: 78 - May 2011
    AUD: 81 - May 2012
    REG: 79 - October 2012
    Ethics: Passed - March 2013
    I am finally DONE!


    1. REG 83

    2. Becker

    3. Do all of the AICPA adapted simulations numerous times. They are the most similar to the sims in the actual exam.


    REG – 69


    I am going to practice using the research function to possibly help me look things up on the sims as well as focus more on the obscure concepts instead of the usual things like partnership basis, gains/losses, and the like.

    AUD - 83
    FAR - 78
    BEC - 76
    REG - 86 PTL!!!!!

    Used CPAExcel & Wiley testbank (awesome by the way)


    1 score 71

    2. roger cpa review

    3. not pass- use Yaeger agin

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