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    Wiley / NINJA “Servergate” Giveaway!

    The What: 20 Winners … 10 Wiley Single Section Software pins winners (retail value $105 each) / 10 NINJA Study Guide Single Section winners (retail value $67 each).

    The When: Friday September 23, 2011

    The How: Post in this thread the following …

    1. Your Score(s) from the July/August Window

    2. The study material(s) you used

    3. If you passed – a success tip to pass onto fellow candidates.

    If you didn’t pass – something different you’re going to tweak the next time around.

    Winners will be randomly chosen using a random # function in Excel and the corresponding post # in this thread will be the winner beginning with 10 Wiley winners and then 10 NINJA winners. For instance, if there are 100 posts, and I set the random cell generator between 1 and 100 and it picks cell 26, then the 26th post author will be chosen. I login per candidate only (and I can tell if you have more than one login) 😉

    AUD - 79
    BEC - 80
    FAR - 76
    REG - 92
    Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS)
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    REG (08/02/2011) – No score yet (TX Candidate)

    This was my first CPA exam and I used Becker + Ninja Notes

    I did all the Becker MCQ's atleast once, listened to the lectures twice to reinforce content (since I hate reading the text on its own) and re-wrote the Ninja notes. I felt fairly comfortable with the MCQ's. I'm hoping for a 75+


    1. AUD = 90 REG = 60

    2. Becker Self Study

    3. Passed AUD. I'd say that if you follow the Becker plan –> Lectures, multiple choice and practice tests you are golden. Hopefully I'll figure out the trick to passing REG this quarter!

    BEC 79
    FAR 83
    AUD 90
    REG 60 (retake 11/18/11)


    1. REG – 75!!!! (after failing it in the May/June window with a 67)

    2. Becker with Wiley to supplement

    3. Rewrite your notes. This is the best tip Jeff ever gave!

    AUD - 85
    BEC - 81
    REG - 67, 75!!!! (simulations killed me both times but 2nd time around, MC saved me)
    FAR - October 14, 2011


    1. REG – 72

    2. Bisk Study guide + cpareviewforfree.com questions.

    3. I did well on the Business Law section but poor on the Taxation section. I also did well on the Sims but worse on the MCQs…. go figure. Given that I plan to concentrate mainly on Taxation and spend less time on Business Law. I also plan to answer practice MCQs until I'm curled in the fetal position foaming at the mouth. I need to figure out which review study course has the bestmost extensive list of MCQs…. is Wiley the way to go?


    1. FAR 74, REG 77

    2. Becker self study only

    3. Understand the material is the key and do a lot of MC and don't ignore the simulations, it's 40% of your score. The reason i failed Far was i did really bad on the simulations.

    FAR 73(11/02/2010),74(08/31/2011), 80(11/30/2011)
    BEC 75(11/30/2010)
    AUD 87(01/26/2011)
    REG 77(07/09/2011)


    Reg – 77

    I used Yaeger, the Ninja guide, and the yaeger cram

    My tip would be to really take the time to rewrite your notes. It really helped with making the information stick!


    1) REG = 75

    2) ExamMatrix, Ninja Notes

    3) write out notes, add to notes while doing MCQ, re-write notes


    BEC – 77 Wiley – worked all the MC

    For the areas that I felt weak on I created detailed study notes including re-write HW Qs. For example variances, and WACOG etc.


    1. FAR – 87

    2. Becker

    3. I went over Becker lectures and did the MCQ at first. Once I was done watching the videos and doing the MCQs, I read highlighted areas and did the supplemental MCQ and simulations. Finally, I did one of the two final exams. I think using other prep materials along with Becker will be most helpful since there were quesitons that Becker didn't even mention in my actual exam.


    1. FAR 81

    2. Becker Self Study + Becker Final Review

    3. The tip that I have for studying is the same that I give for anyone studying CPA exam or not. That is to study without the internet or a cell phone that way you will not be distracted and can focus on studying more. It is okay to take more frequent breaks with this method,but when you are studying, only study no music no distractions.


    1. Still waiting on FAR! I live in Oregon, a snail mail state, feel free to pity me!

    2. I used Exam Matrix

    3. Not sure if I passed or not, but I have passed the other three sections using Exam Matrix and have found it to be a useful tool for me. I just answer every single MC question and SIM, studying over a 4-6 week period. Seems to work well so far.

    AUD - 82 ETHICS - 100
    REG - 89
    BEC - 79
    FAR - 79


    Score: AUD 87 (taken in August)

    Study material: Becker Self-Study

    Tip on passing: Take notes on the material you don't know while going through lectures. Take additional notes during MCQ's. Do as many MCQ's as possible to learn material.


    1. Reg- 71 (Took it in August)

    2. Wiley and Kaplan

    3. I under estimated some topics, my apprach this time around is to practice, practice, practice questions on all possible areas. Wont leave anything to chance this time around


    1. REG 62 (taken August 12)

    2. Becker Self Study

    3. I read and take notes on each chapter, do MCQ for each chapter and move on to next. Then come back and do MCQ the second time for the questions I got wrong. I may purchase other supplement software and practice more on stimulation. I'm guessing that's where I didn't do well. Also practice MCQ again and again.


    1) I haven't rec'd my BEC score for the July/Aug testing window yet. In the March/April I rec'd a 71

    2) Becker self study and final review

    3) I plan on purchasing Wiley if I don't pass BEC this time around. I'm a horriable test taker so I could us all the help I can purchase or get.

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