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    I want to start by letting you, the reader, know that the statements below are not meant to sound condescending or angry.

    It has recently come to my attention that Mini and Baseball are no longer welcome on this forum due to people complaining about what they write. At first, when I heard this, I was mad, but now I am sad. I am sad for the people that complained. If you really can’t handle the unadulterated truth then your parents did you an injustice in raising you. NEWS FLASH: not everything in life is going to be candy coated. Not everything is going to be what you want to hear or be in the ‘tone’ that you find acceptable. I fear for the professional world at this point. If you can’t handle criticism or truth you will never be truly successful. I understand that they come across harsh. I have even said to Baseball that I use to not like him because of the way his posts come across as cocky. However, just like in text messages or emails, things are in the tone you read them. When you keep that in mind, you learn how helpful they really are. Those of you that want to be childish and make fun of people who ‘troll’ that have passed the test, I guess this post is already lost with you. Therefore, feel free to stop reading. People that pass can bring a lot of wisdom. They have done this remember? They have been through this. Just 2 days ago I posted a question on here to get some help. Still, no one has responded. I did get an email from Mini answering my question. I hope no one else comes across the issue I did on that question because unless Mini is their friend, they will only hear crickets. It is people like him that make this website worth going on. At this point, I have the email address of the people I care to talk to. As much as I would love to continue with this site throughout my journey and after I finish my tests, I can see now that those that passed are not welcome. You may try to defend and say it is because of their tone but several people have posted that people that stay on after they pass are ‘trolling’ and should get a life. Without those that have passed giving guidance and support, this forum becomes just a complaining session about how they should make the test easier or that the test is unfair or that they ‘Knew Everything Like the Back of Their Hand but Failed! How Dare the AICPA!!’. A person with true integrity and character will say what the truth is even if it is an unpopular one. There are so few people in the world that are willing to do that and unfortunately, this site just lost two of them.

    I fully expect to see people post that I am stirring up trouble or causing drama or that I am an idiot so go right ahead. I am, unlike many others on this site, am willing to listen to people’s opinion no matter how rude I may find it. Also, I am not trying to generalize and say everyone besides these two suck because that is not the case at all. Several have become my friends outside of this forum because I respect what they think and what they stand for.

    I am not sure how long this post will stay up before someone reports it or reports me and I get kicked off too. However, I hope at least a few people will really think about what I have said before another quality member gets attacked and puts Jeff in the position he was put in. If you don’t like what I am saying, we can just agree to disagree and move on from there.

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    Let me sum things up:

    1. You can give your opinion on something without going out of your way to be calloused or rude. In the “real world” – being tactless gets you alienated or fired because eventually – people will have had enough.

    2. I expect interweb “bar brawls” on college sports message boards. (“F YOU!” … “No, F YOU!!!”) Not here.

    …and that's pretty much where I stand.

    I think the various opinions on the issue have been expressed. I am closing this thread and we are moving on.

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    BEC - 80
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    Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS)
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