What A Shame!

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    I want to start by letting you, the reader, know that the statements below are not meant to sound condescending or angry.

    It has recently come to my attention that Mini and Baseball are no longer welcome on this forum due to people complaining about what they write. At first, when I heard this, I was mad, but now I am sad. I am sad for the people that complained. If you really can’t handle the unadulterated truth then your parents did you an injustice in raising you. NEWS FLASH: not everything in life is going to be candy coated. Not everything is going to be what you want to hear or be in the ‘tone’ that you find acceptable. I fear for the professional world at this point. If you can’t handle criticism or truth you will never be truly successful. I understand that they come across harsh. I have even said to Baseball that I use to not like him because of the way his posts come across as cocky. However, just like in text messages or emails, things are in the tone you read them. When you keep that in mind, you learn how helpful they really are. Those of you that want to be childish and make fun of people who ‘troll’ that have passed the test, I guess this post is already lost with you. Therefore, feel free to stop reading. People that pass can bring a lot of wisdom. They have done this remember? They have been through this. Just 2 days ago I posted a question on here to get some help. Still, no one has responded. I did get an email from Mini answering my question. I hope no one else comes across the issue I did on that question because unless Mini is their friend, they will only hear crickets. It is people like him that make this website worth going on. At this point, I have the email address of the people I care to talk to. As much as I would love to continue with this site throughout my journey and after I finish my tests, I can see now that those that passed are not welcome. You may try to defend and say it is because of their tone but several people have posted that people that stay on after they pass are ‘trolling’ and should get a life. Without those that have passed giving guidance and support, this forum becomes just a complaining session about how they should make the test easier or that the test is unfair or that they ‘Knew Everything Like the Back of Their Hand but Failed! How Dare the AICPA!!’. A person with true integrity and character will say what the truth is even if it is an unpopular one. There are so few people in the world that are willing to do that and unfortunately, this site just lost two of them.

    I fully expect to see people post that I am stirring up trouble or causing drama or that I am an idiot so go right ahead. I am, unlike many others on this site, am willing to listen to people’s opinion no matter how rude I may find it. Also, I am not trying to generalize and say everyone besides these two suck because that is not the case at all. Several have become my friends outside of this forum because I respect what they think and what they stand for.

    I am not sure how long this post will stay up before someone reports it or reports me and I get kicked off too. However, I hope at least a few people will really think about what I have said before another quality member gets attacked and puts Jeff in the position he was put in. If you don’t like what I am saying, we can just agree to disagree and move on from there.

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    @akb, I couldn't agree with you more.

    This post is going to get deleted and our accounts suspended in 5, 4, 3, 2

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    You wanna be blacklisted too Mr. (or Mrs.)? 😀

    I don't have a log on the fire, so to speak. However, they are both reminiscent of another poster on another board. The guy is a genius, or perhaps has extraordinary recall abilities. But he is such a turd that no one likes to deal with him. It isn't enough for him to dish out advice (very good tax advice mind you) but he has to do it in a holier than thou, know it all, abusive tone and language. The good gets thrown in with the bad.

    Mini and baseball did have a lot to offer but in order to get to the good stuff you had to wade through their abuse of others. No place for that, we're abusing ourselves enough by simply taking this danged test! 😀


    No but seriously, thanks for posting this.

    “I fear for the professional world at this point” <

    Exactly what I think everyday when coming to this site…I fear for my profession. I have a very clear idea of the posters who complained, I would mention names, but I would rather not put y'all on blast. Mini and Baseball have a TRUE passion for the CPA designation and have always been very helpful on this site, yes, they are sarcastic and all, but their contributions were truly valuable.

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    Tough Love…and I love it. I agree that sometimes ripping the band aid off it better than slowly pulling it back…this test is harsh. And I will admit there are times that I just wanted to hear “you will get it next time” but there were other times that i needed the tough love.

    I think mini and baseball as well as you are valuable resources to this community. I have passed the exam and it's sad that some would think that since I've passed it that i have no value to add to this site. I truly believe that each of us add value to this site. Here lately it does seem that more people are extra sensitive to criticism, if you are that sensitive to online posters I can't imagine what you like in the workplace. If you ask for advice be welcome to receive all forms of it.

    @akb–can't wait to celebrate your passing!!

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    Yeah… guess I'll jump on the drama wagon while it's passing by. I agree with akb9874. I have gotten some remarks about how I should get a life and other rude stuff… But I continue to post on here because I feel like it's my way of giving back to the community that supported me while I was on my CPA journey. Mini was a huge part of that – we passed and got licensed at almost the same time. If you guys truly don't want help from candidates that have passed – maybe you just want people to whine with you?? – then I think that you are passing up on very valuable information. I'm SO glad that I listened to the people who had already passed when I was taking the CPA exam!

    I don't really know where I'm going with this other than to say that to whoever complained: censorship is a slipperly slope that you will probably regret ever bringing to these forums. This was a public forum for all, but now people are going to be afraid to post helpful advice (like “Stop whining and start studying!”) because people will be too afraid that they are going to get kicked off of the forum. Sometimes people need to hear the truth without all the sugarcoating.

    Also I doubt I'll be on here much anymore since Mini was half of the entertainment I got from here. 🙂

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    Not much to add, I think several have already said it perfectly. This just makes me sad! They will be greatly missed, I feel they had some great advice and I am so tired of the debate about whether people should stay once they have passed….HECK YEAH! Who better are we to get advice from than people who have been through it, whether they have passed one exam or all 4!


    wow…what happened….I remember mini..not so much of baseball…sometimes truth is hard to be accepted.

    CPA CLASS OF 2012!


    Thank you for your post.

    Apparently you think I'm the post Gestapo and just delete stuff?


    I did not ban Mini – he left voluntarily.

    The “tone” of another71 had become very condescending and negative.

    The drama, the bickering, the F-you's, etc … This isn't the place.

    I'm not sure if I handled everything right or not. There really isn't a book on running a community with 50,000 anonymous registered users (half of them are bots I'm sure) 🙂

    I need Jim Collins to write one I guess.

    Only one person was blacklisted and I reached out to them and they said they understood why.


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    I'll have to tell Jomaki about this thread… she and I were emailing about this and she wanted to start this same thread

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    @Goodluck2everyone throwing a party to celebrate in 5, 4, 3, 2…

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    what? Idk why people would get offended by their comments. It's just sad that people blame others for their own actions(e.g. lack of studying). And yeah sometimes it's sad to come to the site and just read about people complaining how hard the material is or how hard the exams are( even though I complained after FAR).

    I don't know anyone who has taken the exam in recent years around here (where I live) and people like Mini, Baseball, and others are a great resource not only for advise, but for test-taking strategies as well..



    Lol @getting blacklisted from a CPA exam forum! This exam really is evil! Fwiw I was once kicked out of a charity dodgeball tournament. But in my defense the referee was horrific and I drank a good bit of beer before playing in it.



    Will miss the humor and ‘tough love'



    Seriously……… I guess a disclaimer has to be made on this forum, as a job that I saw on craigslist….”No crying babies”

    My message to those that were offended by comments from Mini or Baseball, or any others: if you cannot handle a written message, I guess you will not be able to handle business pressure. Get ready for a world full of piranhas.

    Personally, I got some replies from Mini on my threads, and all his comments were positive and constructive.

    Done 😉
    Class of 2012!!!!
    Lots of prayers and hard work....

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