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    Long story short I have taken one exam, got a 69, and I’m currently studying for that same exam again.
    I am being very thorough this time and taking it slow. I felt like last time work/college/life got in the way and I honestly wasn’t as disciplined as I am now.

    The other day my SO said something like “If you don’t pass this exam and don’t pass the next one you should probably give up.” He was one of the lucky people who passed all four on the first try so I feel like he’s…out of touch. I already feel stupid for failing and am putting enough pressure on myself as it is. IDC if I fail all sections five times I’m GOING TO BE A CPA.

    So- How do you guys not get discouraged when your SO doesn’t think you can do it?
    Where do you find support if your SO just doesn’t get it?

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    It is fairly typical at my firm to counsel people into something else if they fail their first exam repeatedly. It's not done out of meanness or insensitivity, but to steer people away from what may be the wrong path. It is important to recognize that, while one partner should accommodate and support the other's professional pursuits, there does exist a point where accommodation becomes unreasonable, and one form of being supportive is to speak hard truths and tell a partner what they may not see themselves.

    With that being said, it's far too early in your process for this discussion. Anyone can fail one exam, and it's honestly a bit insensitive for him to bring it up, although it may have come from a good place. Don't give up, and just focus on the exam.

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    I have several thoughts on this.

    Everyone who has ever taken this exam has had to sacrifice something. Usually, it’s time. Time with friends, time with family, time with significant others time sleeping, etc.
    When it comes to a significant other, one of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship is that you support each other. The cpa exam is very difficult. The selfish thing is to ask you to quit. If they don’t care about your aspirations and don’t want to miss time with you. They need to be supportive of you no matter how long it takes. Let you give it your best shot. What’s the reason people don’t quit at the first sign that it won’t come easy? The payoff. The license does wonders for your career and earnings potential. I remember seeing an AICPA article that detailed how a cpa can make 1 million more than a non-cpa accountant in their career. Anyways, I started taking the exam after college. After multiple failures I decided to keep going. I knew that the older I got the less time I would have and the harder it would be. My last pass ended up being my 6th pass. I had to pass audit and bec twice. Do I regret spending a chunk of my 20s studying all the time? No. I have the rest of my life ahead of me and never have to do it again. I’m a CPA and in a great position in my career that I would not be in if I didn’t have my license.

    To be honest I credit many of my early exam failures to my ex girlfriend, who was not supportive. I got rid of her and all of a sudden was able to study better, and passed more often.

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    Tell your significant other you are not putting out anymore until you pass all the CPA exams.

    You should also tell him that his dinner now until you pass are those Banquet Frozen meals.

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