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    Is it worth the investment? My eyes are 5 grand from Lasik.. and in this study process.. it made some damage..

    Those glasses that gamers use.. do they even work? are they worth it? Does anyone know of a good brand/ pair? I’m on a cpu 12+ hours… from 9am – probalby 12am..

    Or should I just do the 20/20/20 rule? which is look away for 20 seconds, every 20 minutes, and then stand up and look away the next 20 minutes… whatever it is..

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    I don't know about “gamer” glasses, have worn prescription “computer” glasses ever since a former employer paid for two pairs for anyone who spent significant screen time in their job.

    Now. In addition to my regular prescription readers, I also get another pair or two made that are optimized for the distance from my face to the monitor. They greatly reduce my eye fatigue.

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    Yes, I use it because I really care full of my eyes, but I don't know about it gamers are also using it to, I using it while studying on my laptop, and recently I change my glasses through Pela Vision Coupons, because my old glasses had some scratches, and If i don't wear it, than after few minutes I felt some pain on my eyes, because of laptop screen, it's pretty good for eyes

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    CPU Glasses what are they, I use regular glasses with blue light protection and take breaks to rest my eyes, but after a while I pretty much get used to it. Don't think those gamer glasses even work.!

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