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    I received my last score notification in early November, but the 4th quarter window just closed 2 weeks ago. How long did you have to wait before getting your certificate?

    I am in the State of Kansas, but would like to hear other states’ wait times as well.

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    Adam in all states you must apply for a license, theres almost always more to the license than passing the exams.

    That said, I fairly easily found your state's application https://www.dleg.state.mi.us/bcsc/forms/acct/cpa1.pdf

    FAR- 77
    AUD -49, 71, 84
    REG -56,75!
    BEC -75

    Massachusetts CPA (non reporting) since 3/12.


    Thank you!

    I knew I had to do something more, I just couldn't seem to find a link to the app. Did you just search the forms? I may still be in shock from passing and just missed it. haha. Anyway, thanks again.

    Best regards,

    Adam C. Wallaker

    Surf CPA

    Any updates? Did any of you receive your license yet? I am about to send in my paperwork in CA and wanted to know how long I should expect to wait…

    Aud - 83
    Far - 84
    Bec - 83
    Reg - 79



    CA here 10 weeks so far, I should get my license number this week :). You should give about 8- 12 weeks. I know it is slow snail CA


    Got my license number last week and my certificate yesterday! – NY here.


    Just found out this morning that I passed my final section, now starting to read through the application. TX board sent me an e-mail saying that I am NOT yet a CPA=)) and telling that I will shortly receive a package in the mail with all the application information…

    How did you go about completing the experience form? did you draft it out first, and gave it to your supervisor for review, edits and submission? have your supervisors done it before? also are you guys working in public accounting or industry?

    P.S. Am I asking all these questons in the right place?=)

    BEC - 79
    AUD - 83
    REG - 78
    FAR - 78 (expires Mar '13)


    Anyone know if state boards typically send confirmation emails? I have yet to receive any kind of recognition other than a score report for my final section which shows all sections as passed.

    I've already submitted my application for a certificate/certificate # as I've already satisified all other requirements. Guess its just a big waiting game….


    For MD people:

    How long did you all wait from the time you passed before you got your license? I know of one person who got his in a couple of months and another person who waited for a year before she got her license. There's no information on the MD State Board of Accountancy website that states how long you have to wait to get your license. Plus, when I asked the Board, they even told me that I'd be approved “in the order my application was received!”

    I guess the real test of the CPA license isn't the exam itself, but waiting for the license to come in!

    CPA license in progress....

Viewing 8 replies - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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