I passed! How long before I get my certificate?

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    I received my last score notification in early November, but the 4th quarter window just closed 2 weeks ago. How long did you have to wait before getting your certificate?

    I am in the State of Kansas, but would like to hear other states’ wait times as well.

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    I sent in my packet the week before thanksgiving and received an email stating it would be a minimum of 10 weeks wait until it was approved. Who knows how long it will take for the actual certificate to get here. I feel your pain. Oh- I'm in North Carolina

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    I passed my final part in July-August time frame, was licensed at the beginning of September and did not get my certificate until I attended the swearing-in ceremony on 12/4. I am in TX.

    Texas CPA - licensed in 2012!!!


    I'm in MA and the wait time depends on when the next regular board meeting is. I sent my packet in 10 days before the board meeting (deadline was 10 days before) and got my license in the mail 4 weeks later.

    However in MA if you want a nice certificate to hang on the wall, you have to BUY it! Nice huh? I'll keep my $27.95.

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    Some states are better than others. WA is fantastic. I applied on a Friday and woke up Monday morning to my license number in my email. My actual certificate arrived Wednesday. Other states have to wait forever. Fingers crossed for you that you are in a “good one”.


    I am in CA… I just submitted all documents 11.17.12…. Will CBA inform me somehow that they receive my document?


    Be glad you're not in Oklahoma. While I technically did receive a both a license and permit number, the actual “license” is not available until mid-May of 2013….a solid 10 months after passing the final exam!

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    Hi guys

    Any progress on your application?


    I am in NJ. I sent in my license application early January. I called my board to find out that my application is sitting on someone's desk (i wonder for how long?). If there's nothing wrong with it, it will get sent to the Board for approval. It's kinda frustrating how slow this process is. I'm starting to think passing the exams was the easy part…


    I submitted mine 12.17.12, I am still waiting….. I received the 30 day letter 5 days ago. The letter said they received everything and will START the evaluation which will take another 4-6 weeks…..

    It is very long and frustrating process….. It has been 7 weeks already…


    you can get your certificate before getting your work experience requirement?



    It depends on the state.

    For CA, I dont think so.


    I'm in TN. Received my final score on December 7. Took online ethics test December 9. Received application packet from Tennessee on January 14 and mailed to TNBOA on January 15. My application is “processing” on TNBOA website. I received an email stating they are behind in processing new applications because of renewals. They “hope to get applications processed soon.”

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    Im in NY and I sent in my papers in December (right before Christmas)… I never got a letter saying that is was being processed or anything, so I called them up a couple times and finally got someone to tell me that they finally opened my mail in the end of January (1 month to open the mail) and they told me it will take another 6-8 weeks to get approval. Once I get approval I should get my license number quick and then a certificate a week or so after my license number is issued… so still waiting..



    I was told that my application was delayed due to holiday seasons 🙁

    We are in the same boat. I am in CA. Hopefully we receive by the end of Feb 2013 or early March 2013.


    Hi all,

    I'm a MI candidate. I have met all the requirements but am not sure what to do now. I went to the MI Board of Accountancy website but I don't see a link to apply for my CPA. Any ideas? Does one just come in the mail once you pass your exams? Any info would be helpful. Thank you.

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