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    I am starting my CPA journey again. Last time was in 2016 but did not pass FAR. I do not currently work in Accounting field but does have prior experience.

    Last time I used Ninja 10-point combo and did not use any other material.

    I have read a lot of posts and I know everyone learns differently but this time I am thinking of using other material plus Ninja. I also noticed lot of people use Gleim and Roger with successfully passing first time. I am trying to figure out material should I look into, Gleim, Wiley or Roger?

    Any input is greatly appreciated!!


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    Remember: "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." - Albert Einstein

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    Rogers all the way IMO

    REG - 92 (1/17)

    BEC - 82 (2/17)

    AUD - 89 (5/17)

    FAR - 94 (9/17)

    Rogers Elite + Becker mcqs/sims for all 4 exams

    WA State Ethics Exam - 83, 83, 90 (9/17)

    AICPA Ethics Exam - 95 (9/17)

    1-year of work - complete (11/18)

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    Gleim Traditional course costs lesser than the Premium one that has access till pass guarantee. What is not mentioned in Gleim site & hence unknown to lot of people is that if you complete 90% of course material & fail a section, you can send your score report to Gleim & get access till pass guarantee for that section. So if you want to save money & buy traditional course, you can still get access till pass guarantee provided the above mentioned criteria is fulfilled. If deciding to go with Gleim, you can double check with the sales rep & then buy.

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    It depends on your plan and background.
    I started with Wiley CPA because they cooperated with University of Northern Alabama to get accounting credits while using Wiley materials.
    I got my 12 accounting credits that way.

    However, I have hard time understanding Wiley AUD video courses, so that I switched to Roger CPA and love it so much. I watched most of Roger videos 2 times before they expired.

    Wiley is overall cheaper and test bank is great. Lots of materials if you want to do a deep dive on certain topics, you can usually find it on Wiley.
    But I didn't use any virtual classes and exam planning. Their offline flash drive is very awful.

    Roger CPA is great, but 18 month access is too short. ( I started the journey in 2016)
    However, the customer service is very nice, and granted me extra few months till I pass the exam.
    They have a new program called “smart path”, and it was awesome!


    Gleim is the best of the options out there I think. It's tough, no doubt, but I think it actually over-prepares you.

    Don't buy Roger. A thousand times over, don't buy it. The worst $1,950.00 I've ever spent in my life…well, make that the second worst.
    When I was in my 20s I threw a lot of money away on a car that I later came to refer to as “My shit box.” Don't buy any Mitsubishi SUV's either haha.

    Most people who do well with Roger are really smart people, I've noticed. They don't need much instruction or anything because they know the stuff really well already from school and/
    or their high IQ is basically taking them thru the exam process and they don't have to put a lot into it. Those who do well with Gleim, I've noticed, are those who aren't necessarily
    brainy but they work really hard at it. Gleim has been around way longer than Roger has. Prof. Gleim is about 80 years old now I think and started his program in about 1974 but has kept it well up to date.

    My boss used Wiley and she passed. If you like how that one drives out, go with that one and I don't think you will be too sorry.

    I'm sort of in the same boat you are. Obviously…I had a review course that didn't work for me. I used Roger for two sections and then started using Gleim's materials.
    Somebody gave me all the Gleim books and I liked them rather well. But, sanity didn't get prevail when I opted for Roger instead. I think his sexy videos kinda won me over.
    I never bought Gleim. I'm just using the textbooks. I don't currently have much of a budget for new CPA exam review materials but I like the $67 Ninja monthly option and
    I'm sure if it stays at that price I will eventually get onboard with it. I'm sort of on hiatus from studying right now. Since taking my wonderful (now not so new) job almost a year ago, I haven't had a lot of time to focus on studying.

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