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    So roger surprised my advance auditing class today and boy he was energetic lol. He had the whole class laughing however his teaching style is very very fast. What do you guys think of his style?

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    really I hope i got Roger instead of Becker

    I watch him on Youtube and he is really motivating

    I think if i have bought Roger then I will love studying

    but with Becker you have to learn on your own

    enjoy Roger 🙂

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    With Roger, you have a couple of choices:

    1. Put down the highlighter, pen, pencil, whatever, and just sit back and enjoy the show.

    2. Play, pause, write, play, pause, write…

    3. Learn to type as fast as he can talk! Luckily, I could do that so I have his 2012 REG lecture transcribed almost word for word.

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    I looooooooved Roger. I used Becker for AUD & BEC and found it so dry and boring, and at the end, I didn't even understand the concepts. I was pleasantly surprised at how Rogers breaks up the sections into bite-sized chunks and even happier, that at the end of the lecture, I actually understood the concepts and didn't have to teach them to myself!

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    Well Ive never used Roger before but from the youtube clips I've seen of him, hetalkssomethinglikethissoyougottafindawaytokeephimwithhimokay.

    I used Becker for all four sections and passed FAR and REG on my first try and Auditing after two tries. The self lecture is really boring for Becker and the live lectures are even more boring because I took the Saturday class which is 9 hours long.

    Actually I dont think its even paramount that you watch the lectures as long as if there is away you know which parts of the books are highly tested and not. I think you'll survive as long as you read the book thoroughly enough.

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    I loved Roger. I learn from listening, but unlike some of the other lectures I “sampled” (ie yeager) he is sort of interesting and funny so I didn't zone out. I watched every lecture for FAR and AUD twice and during the test I could hear his dumb annoying voice in my head.

    Also his books are the best I've seen. Now that my local CMA groupies and I are also starting to teach CPA stuff we have looked at them all. His course is worth it for the books alone. They are easy to read and follow and while I only took each section one (thanks Roger!) I have to say that I didn't see anything on the tests that I didn't also see in the book. I only wish he would sell the books without his course because we would use them hands down.

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    After struggling with Becker forever I made the switch to Roger this year and LOVE it so far. I can actually get through the lectures because he is engaging! I also like how he teaches with a white board instead of reading the book to you like Becker does. I live in a small town with no live classes for review and felt like he actually gives me the classroom feeling I need to understand concepts. He does talk fast but like a professor you don't need to write everything down. He also repeats the key concepts 2-3 in the lecture. I completely reccommend him!

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    Couldn't agree more with you guys about Roger review. I watched a sample of Becker from my friend's materials and I thought no way am I going to be able to pay attention for the span the CPA exam requires you to. With Roger it wasn't a problem, so energetic and he relates the material to you in a way that is interesting. I am so glad I went with him!!

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    Roger is outstanding. I used the full course and added Ninja notes and audio. His lectures are very engaging. Worth evry penny. Could not have passed with any other course. If you have a low attention span, his fast paced program is the way to go. The crams are good too.

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    When he was giving a quick demonstration to my class he seemed too fast. How can someone learn with his pace?

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    I suggest looking at Roger's videos on his web site as well as on you-tube to make your decision. I took his BEC class and for me his hand writing, which is very poor, made it nearly impossible to follow him. So while his enthusiasm is great, he is not for me. I used, WIley for all parts, Gleim for all parts, Yeager for AUD and BEC, and Becker for REG. Good luck to you!

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    I have a review course already which is Yaeger and Becker, however I just wanted to see what people think about his style.

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    And also his handwriting is very poor lol.

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    Hi, has anybody passed AUD recently using ROGER???I need feedback and tips on what i should supplement with it.

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    I passed AUD 3 weeks ago (first attempt) using Roger. His lectures were very good, up to date, and energetic. As other have said, he is very fast so I had to pause/rewind constantly to take notes but he pretty much covered everything on the exams. I didn't really supplement with anything except that I used a friend's Becker account to do the 2 practice exams.

    I've used Roger's courses to pass FAR, REG, and AUD on the first attempt. (Working on BEC now). I recommend him thoroughly as he has a great teaching style that teaches fundamentals to develop understanding rather than just memorizing.

    AUD - 85
    BEC - 83
    FAR - 77
    REG - 77
    Exams finished 11/22/2016!
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