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    Roger CPA is the best (for me). My favorite is BEC. I used his BEC less than 8 weeks and passed. But like some say, everyone is different.

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    I used Roger as my main and supplemented with Ninja. I think that's probably the best combo you can use, but like others have said, it's really based on how you learn. If you like watching lectures, Roger's a no brainer. I disagree with crazyleon about his books and actually prefer them to Gleim. I only used Gleim for REG so I can't speak for their other sections, but their book is very dry and tough to read. I could see how some people prefer the outline format as opposed to long paragraphs in Roger's book, but it's not for me.

    His IPQ isn't terrible, but I don't like some of the answer explanations and he doesn't have great diagnostics like Ninja or Gleim. I'm also not a huge fan of his sims, especially for REG. If he makes an improvement in that area, then he'd be the hands down king of review courses.

    The only other full course I'd consider over Roger is Gleim. They're totally different animals, but Gleim is very thorough and their test bank and sims are the toughest you'll find. It's cheaper than Roger and you probably wouldn't have to supplement with any other courses. I don't think it expires either, which is a nice feature.

    If you end up choosing Roger, I'd at least supplement with Ninja mcq. It will help fill in the gaps on certain parts he doesn't cover in detail and it will help keep track of any weak areas you need to focus on.

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    Jimmy Dugan

    Roger has no doubt helped a lot of people pass as many here will attest. That said, he was not for me. I used the course for FAR and completed the entire thing. Yes I liked the energy and the mnemonics, but for the really deep, complex material, I felt like he rushed through it way too fast. Also, he scribbled on his whiteboard quite a bit and his handwriting is chicken scratch, which made it even harder to keep up when he was working through advanced topics and simulation examples. He also presents a ton of material before working in examples, and it works better for me to get 15-20 minutes of lecture followed by a few practice questions (just my preference). His Governmental lectures were an absolute mess and that was the last straw for me. I just didn't feel prepared after having gone through his entire course and ended up buying the Yaeger cram course.

    I cannot comment on the books because I didn't use them very much (just not my learning style). I took FAR on 3/10 and passed with an 89. In fairness, I know that his course helped me some but Yaeger does a far better job of explaining the really difficult concepts and keeping a steady flow of practice questions to reinforce the material. My advice is to try several of them through free trials and just use the one that clicks with you the most, whether Roger or someone else.

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    I'll echo what others have said, and agree that Roger's lectures are top notch. I chose Roger's course after doing a trial with Wiley, Gleim, and Roger. Roger's lectures kept me attentive, and frankly they were more enjoyable. I did supplement all of the sections with Ninja MCQ and Ninja Notes. These materials were key.

    Side tip…when Roger's trial ended one of their reps contacted me via email regarding my experience with the trial. To keep it short, I negotiated with them and gained an extra % off the total price, and they through in the flash cards. So, seek what you need and negotiate.

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    Thank you guys for answering. I called Yeager yesterday to see if anything improved. It didn't. Cindy retired and they redid all their videos and Wiley cancelled their contract with them so their book is now in pdf. I called roger and can get a decent discount by switching. I really like the idea that it is just him teaching and that he uses humorous teaching. After being stuck on capital leases with Yeager to the point I almost have up I watched one of his outdated YouTube videos and it clicked in ten minutes. I still can't afford it even with the discount, but I'm appalled at myself for getting such a low score. I don't need someone to read word for word out of a book to me. I need them to back up and refresh me then go forward. I seen he was doing that in some of his videos. My score was so low if the test is harder like they say it will be, I'm dead. I got next to NO concepts in my head with Yeager and feel exceptionally dumb at this point.

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    So are the Roger followers suggesting the entire course or just the audio or cram even.

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    I'd also like to chime in on Roger's review course.

    As far as his lectures, I'm a big fan of them since they keep me engaged, are partly humorous, and break down pretty complex subjects quite well.

    I'm about 40% of the way through his lectures, and my only complaint to this point is how he can speed through a few areas in his lectures. As a result of his rushing, usually I have to pause the video and rewind a bit in order to grasp what he said.

    I haven't tried his ICQs yet, but if they're anything like the class questions he presents, then either I'm learning this stuff at an impressive rate or there are more challenging questions in other test banks as others have mentioned.

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    I used Roger for all four parts and passed on the first try. I will admit that some parts of BEC and REG can get to the point of boredom. I just don't think he had a lot because the topic was so cut and dry that he didn't have anything extra to offer. I felt that the B-Law part of REG was really him just reading out of the book, just FYI don't spend too much time watching these videos. I really didn't use the book at all unless I couldn't figure something out when I was working the MCQs or the SIMS.

    I did supplement the SIMS for FAR and REG with Wiley excel IPQs because I felt that the Roger SIMS were not enough. I did not even do any SIMS for BEC just because those were three memos that could have came from any topic. But now BEC will have SIMs, so I really can't say what to do for the new exam format (Good luck!)

    A lot of Roger's multiple choice questions could get really lengthy, especially for FAR. I think he made these questions up on his own to really over drill you on the topics because I honestly did not see anything that tough on the actual exam, which is a good thing.

    Just keep in mind, while I did his course, I never felt completely confident that I have everything locked down (not because of a lack of his teaching, but rather how much content you have to keep fresh in your mind). I was trending 63% for each section before I took the exam, but my actual scores came out a lot better.

    If you are leaning toward Roger, play the good ol' “hard to get” game. I told them I was really interested in their program, but that many others had said Becker was the way to go if you want to pass on the first try. I also told them that Becker offered me a really good discount, and they let me have the 18 month program and books for $1,400.

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    I have used Roger for passing BEC and REG, both of which I passed on my first try. I will echo what others have said. I really enjoy Roger's lectures, which is ultimately what drove me to it as my review course of choice. I haven't had any issues with the TBS or MCQ questions, but I do not have anything to compare them to.

    I bought the mid-level course with 24 months access and offline lectures, which I haven't used. I did not get the audio/Cram courses.

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    The review courses all have their strengths and weaknesses, it seems. How well anyone does on the CPA exam has a lot to do with personal ability and just how well you know a lot of this stuff even prior to studying for the exams I think. If your foundation isn't as good, it means you have to really milk your review course and learn/re-learn a lot before you can pass. Some people will say “Everything on the CPA exams, I already learned in school, it was nothing new” but that doesn't apply to everyone. It's just a matter of finding out everything you're weak on…and for many of us, it takes failing one or more of these exams in order to find out those things. A review course is certainly a help, and without one I think it would be hard to pass….I studied on my own for a whole year (huge mistake) before realizing that I needed to buy a review course. Bottom line, pick one that seems to suit you (and your budget) and make the most of it and supplement it with other things like Ninja or Wiley's test bank if you need to.

    I wouldn't recommend the audio or cram versions of Roger. The audio, *maybe*, if you prefer that to watching the vids. Definitely not the cram though, too expensive and not worth it.
    I have never heard of anyone who has bought it and had it help them pass…although I don't know how you'd go about telling whether it helped you pass or not.

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    Roger has the best lectures out there. I have done a trial and seen most of them and there isn't a close second. He is simply the best if you learn by videos. I can't speak to books as I never read one from any publisher during my study (I zone out too bad while reading, I'm the type of guy that watches the movies and skips the books that are “better”).

    I never touched the Roger MCQ, so I can't say how good or bad it was. My MCQ was about 70% Ninja, 20% Gleim, and 10% Becker. There's a reason I had Becker and Gleim MCQ, they were no more additional cost for me. But I wouldn't go out of my way to buy them.

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    I think Roger is the way to go. He has the best lectures, it isn't torture to sit through them. I free-trialed and watched videos on becker, gleim and yeager. Roger is the best for lectures, he is very funny and engaging. I also liked the price and the customer service.

    Roger does have very bad handwriting and his notes on the board are sometimes hilariously bad. The simulations and MCQ have been upgraded and I found them just as good as Ninja. I would still supplement with ninja products though.

    I used Roger, Roger CRAM, Roger Flash Cards, Ninja MCQ, Ninja Notes and Ninja Audio. I passed all four first try.

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    shawn in VA


    I bought in April 2016. It was like $1400 because I had a discount code. I bought the lowest package.

    IMO Roger is kinda overrated. His personality rocks and keeps you motivated and from falling asleep during lectures but the books are lacking and his lectures he talks to fast and skimps over material big time. I would give a 3 out of 5 stars for him.

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    Thank you guys for all your feedback. Does anyone know if you can sign into his mcq on your phone? I've decided to go ahead and purchase it. I want to get far and audit knocked out before August.

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    @Shawn – $1,400 is a good deal. But yes, he's overrated. I agree with you, his vids are great and keep you pumped, to a certain degree. I do think though that most people who do well with Roger already had a good amount of experience or knew the stuff pretty well to begin with. I wish his textbooks were better though. I gave him 3 out of 5 on the Yelp review I wrote.


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