How was Roger CPA Review?

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    For anyone that has used Roger CPA Review, I am looking to purchase it very shortly here. I need a CPA review program that explains things and doesn't just read out of a book.How are his books ? Do they have mcqs in them? How is his teaching style?


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    Roger is awesome!!!!

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    I used strictly Roger and nothing else. His lectures were great for me because he was entertaining and kept my attention. As for his books, I was not impressed with REG. There were a lot of lists and bullet points without actual narrative to explain the topic. This is how I would rate each Roger section:

    FAR: Covered what needed to be covered without overkill.

    REG: Lectures and book were not sufficient. There is a lot of material in the online MCQs that just isn’t covered in the book and lectures. Be sure to do the 2k or so online MCQ and take notes on the items not covered by the book.

    BEC: Did a good job preparing me for the test. Key was to do a lot of MCQs so that I was aware of all the different manufacturing terminology.

    AUD: Where Roger shined. Highly recommend Roger for AUD.

    FAR 75
    BEC 81
    AUD 71, 84
    REG 69, 71, 83
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    Roger was the only reason I could handle all this material. He's brilliant and he makes accounting as fun as it can be. My only gripe with him is his MCQs. I supplemented Ninja and saw big improvements in my scores.
    But I think his course/lectures are amazing and extremely good for keeping you focused and motivated after getting out of a day at work and not wanting to do anything.
    Check out his free demo lecture and I bet you will be sold.

    AUD - 84
    BEC - 75
    FAR - 76
    REG - 77
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    I had not passed bec or far on my first try. I ended up passing them both once I used ninja mcqs. I was tired of failing first try so I switched to roger for his lectures and books for reg and aud. I ended up passing both those on the first try. I think his lectures are great and combined with the ninja mcqs make it a deadly combo.

    AUD - 87
    BEC - 80
    FAR - 83
    REG - 85
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    I love the Rogers lectures so far. Can't really say much on his books since I only read a little for BEC and didn't even open the book for REG. I go straight lectures and questions using Rogers and then cram Ninja MCQs the final two weeks. I think the Ninja MCQs are tougher and offer better explanations so I highly recommend them.

    AUD - 83
    BEC - 82
    FAR - 86
    REG - 82
    Rogers + NINJA MCQ
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    I give Roger an A+. I used only his program and passed all of mine on the first attempt. His lectures are great – I actually laughed during them. He uses the book when he lectures, but only as a guide so that you can follow along. I would say for REG if you are a non-tax person, you may need to supplement. I work in Tax so I was fine with his shorter explanations, but non-tax people may need that additional detail.
    I guess people are different but I thought his MCQ's were more than enough for me. One trend I noticed is that the average score of my practice exams in Roger's software were about 10 points lower than what I scored on the actual exam for each part. His MCQ's were at least as difficult if not more so. I also second that AUD is his best section. I hate AUD and only took one class of it in college, so I was worried about how I was going to pass. He made it as interesting as you could possibly make that subject matter.

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    Thank you guys for answering. I think I will sign up for his free trial. I was gravitating to him when I was studying with my other review program. I was so aggravated I was lost most of the time with my other review. I started looking roger up on YouTube and liked his style. I figured out capital leases easily once I listened to him. You can't forget it the way he was saying tt bpo 75 and 90. I need an instructor that backs their butt up and says this is what this is and this is why we are doing this. I graduated 15 years ago so I need all this taught to me again. A review where it is just a review isn't going to work for me.

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    I am currently about 84% done with Roger for FAR and although I can't say I have learned all the material he does makes it a little more enjoyable. I used about a month of Becker and it just wasn't for me. Roger's video lectures are the only thing that has some humor in this entire torturous process…Good luck!

    FAR- Passed

    REG- Passed

    AUD- Passed

    BEC- Passed

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    Your timing of this question couldn't have been more perfect…. I've used Roger for FAR (taken, not passed, in January) and AUD (will take in April.) Whichever course
    you do choose, you're going to hear pros and cons from different people. None of the review courses out there is perfect. You really have to choose the one that you yourself
    have the most confidence in, and that you think will work for YOU. As is the case with so many elements of these exams, what works for one person doesn't work for another.

    His videos are good. He has a great sense of humor (often risque, and I LOVE that) and I think for videos, he's probably the best one out there. If you're a video-learner, Roger is for you.
    His MCQs are good. He's lacking in the SIMs.

    The good thing is that he teaches all 4 sections instead of many different people on the videos (Becker has about 10 different people lecturing on their videos, maybe more, and personally I'd hate that.) His handwriting sucks and I can barely read what he writes on the board but sometimes he has somebody else write the stuff on there before the video begins. Somehow though the crappy handwriting doesn't really bother me.

    His textbooks are what bother me. They are not to my liking. That's why I'm going to be using Gleim for BEC and REG, and probably Ninja too. He doesn't know how to write clearly and concisely and even in his MCQs, he has long paragraph explanations that take way too much time to read. Even if you answer correctly, you're expected to read a big long paragraph of explanation as to why it's correct and the other ones (which you didn't select) aren't. I prefer the outline-type format that Gleim uses.

    Most people seem to use Roger nowadays. However, even before I bought it, I heard that he was no good for BEC or REG. Again, though, some people will disagree with this and will tell you that they passed BEC and REG with no retakes with Roger.

    Best of wishes!!

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    I took Roger review course and used nothing else and passed all four parts in a year. If you're looking for someone to explain accounting in general terms then Roger is your guy. I would highly recommend him. And since he's the only one lecturing his courses there isn't that big complaint of other lecturers being better than others.

    BEC - PASSED 2016
    FAR - PASSED 2016
    AUD - PASSED 2016
    REG - PASSED 2017

    Roger CPA review

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    shawn in VA

    I have Roger. keep in mind his course expires 18 months after you buy. You can extend each part for 50$

    BEC- lectures are weak and MCQ are too easy and SIMS are a joke.
    AUD- everything is great and he shines here like someone else said.

    His lectures are entertaining, and books are clear and concise although info seems to be missing.

    AUD - 84
    BEC - 81
    FAR - NINJA in Training
    REG - 75
    AUD - 84

    BEC-  81


    FAR- TBD

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    @Shawn – did you buy Roger in 2016? I purchased in July 2016 for $1,900. It included 24 months of access. I think the tagline of the package I bought was “Free 6 month extension, 24 months total access.” The reason I did not buy Becker was because it was $3,700 for 18 months and then huge charge if you needed to extend for 6 months. BTW completely agree with you about his BEC being a joke. After Section 1, I decided to do AUD first and leave BEC until later because it just seemed weak. AUD is pretty good. Not perfect but I'm not unhappy with it.

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    I can tell you that I really liked Roger. As someone already mentioned, it really depends on what suits you best.

    I actually felt he did a great job in all four section but I HATED studying for AUD and BEC. I didn't think he was lacking in those section but they just weren't my cup of tea.
    Some people mentioned his REG course was lacking but I think he did a phenomenal job, but I'm a tax person so it came easily to my. I probably studied for 5 weeks and scored in the 90s.

    I guess I'm only saying this so you can see that we all have a very different opinion as a result of our personal experience. I felt he did enough to prepare me for all the sections but personally some sections were harder to study for simply because I wasn't interested in the topic.

    AUD - 75
    BEC - 78
    FAR - 81
    REG - 92
    "If you study, you will pass" - Roger
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    Roger includes a lot of rather extraneous, semi-useless material in FAR, I felt. And, for Govt/NPO, I really felt it came up short and ended up teaching/re-teaching myself those topics from my old Advanced Accounting textbook from years gone by because I did not feel his explanation was complete enough. He has some great mnemonics for those sections though…I won't spoil it for you. And, a couple of his vids on those topic are a hoot. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy, OMG, he's so cute. But his textbooks need some improvement. He's not bad at dumbing some things down to the point where they're easier to understand, in the videos. But, I guess either I needed it dumbed down even more or I just didn't have a solid enough command of it at the time I took FAR. I totally burned out after finishing Roger's FAR course. I had no energy left. I don't know if the same thing would've happened if I'd used some other review course, but…. I don't know. If you like what you see on the trial version, buy it. Plenty of people pass with no problem using Roger.

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