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    I want to know what you guys recommend as best study source for the CPA exams and how long you studied for if you already passed it and which Review you used.

    Thank you for the help

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    I second Latwell's post. I bought a year of Wiley's complete test bank in January. I bought Ninja MCQ in June and prefer it over Wiley BIG time.

    Studying with Wiley Review, Wiley Test Bank, Ninja Audio.
    Retakes with Ninja MCQ only...awesome!
    Far - 1/28 72, 7/22 79
    Aud - 2/28 70, 8/14 83
    Bec - 4/10 80
    Reg - 5/30 64, 7/2 82


    I use Wiley and NINJA at the same time.

    WIley TB came with Roger in 2013(now replaced with his own test bank which I am not fond of its settings), so I use it as a practice tool.

    Wiley changed the format and their explanation is less than satisfactory, so I added NINJA.

    NINJA MCQ is so far so good.

    NINJA has way less “I wish it had…” than any other MCQ out there.

    for lecture and books, I like Roger but there are a lot of “filling the gap”.

    I wonder if I should have gotten Becker, seems like a lot of people use it/pass, but then it's kinda pricey considering I am paying out of my own pocket. I am curious about NINJA BOOK.


    Passed all on the first attempt with Becker only.

    MBA Candidate - UCLA Anderson School of Management

    REG 89 - 4/9/2012
    BEC 88 - 5/29/2012
    AUD 93 - 8/20/2012
    FAR 83 - 2/4/2013
    -All passed on the first attempt!

    CFA Level 1 - Passed on first attempt in June 2014


    Becker's purported to be the best, but it is the most expensive. It's worth it if you need it (or have someone else footing the bill).


    I don't recommend Rogers, having used it for FAR, studied really hard and failed with a 62 due to him skipping around and being generally difficult to follow. I love Becker- so much that I bought 3 sections on my own, when I had to retake sections.


    Used the CPAExcel books to study for FAR, WileyTB for the final review + NinjaAudio/Notes

    will let you know how it goes. My feeling right now is that the WIley TB is a waste of money if you already have CPAExcel. The CPAexcel quizzes and questions have a wider range and there are more questions in total. The NinjaAudio/Notes are really good for brushing up on the main points but should not be the only notes you use, these are a supplement to your main course.

    Link: Current CPAexcel Discount Codes

    CPAexcel CPA Review

    FAR: 78*, 75
    REG: 76*, 85
    BEC: 79*, 76
    AUD: 79*, 93

    All scores expired, let's try this again.

    FAR - 78*
    AUD - 66, 79
    REG - 73, 76
    BEC - 79


    I think it depends on your learning style! I am more of the top that likes to just look at information in outline form (skip the videos) so Gleim has been perfect for me. They have videos for each unit but they seem almost to be a waste. Gleim is under $1000 and you get everything you need with it (unless you want to supplement as well). You can look for discount codes online to save 10%. I just found out I passed FAR on the first try and I attribute that to Gleim!


    I got Becker books, “final review” books & software since work was paying, however not using the software, nor the final review. My employer was paying so I just got what others recommended. The books are good, but I would get them off Ebay instead, it is really overpriced. I also got NINJA MCQs, which I think are great (and reasonably priced).

    Big 4 Audit Manager from Europe here to pass the CPA in the U.S. of A in 2014! Niiice!

    AUD - 95 / Jul 15 / 130h over 4 weeks
    FAR - 86 / Aug 14 / 240h over 4 weeks
    (11 week break)

    REG - 81 / Nov 14 / 200h over 4 weeks
    BEC - 87 / Nov 17 / 30 h over 2.5 days


    I bought Yaeger, but regret it. If I went back and did it all again, I'd buy the Wiley text books (~$200?) and Wiley Test Bank (~$500). I'd consider getting Ninja MCQ over WTB, but the point is, spending over $1,000 on this test is completely unnecessary.

    AUD - 71, 91
    BEC - 89
    FAR - 89
    REG - 86


    I bought the lowest CPAExcel package that included all 4 parts. Think I spent around $1300 for it at the time. Purchased WTB for I think around $300 at the time. Purchased Ninja Audio/Ninja Notes, and I think they were around $250 at the time. Purchased the Wiley Books, thinking I might use them when not around a PC, and didn't utilize them at all.

    CPAExcel in my opinion gives you the biggest bang for your buck. Each part I've passed I've done so on the first try and I'm on track to finish all 4 parts in 4 months. I think CPAExcel has a lot to do with that. Of course I do supplement with WTB, but I don't really use any MCQs from CPAExcel. If I utilized their MCQs, I might not even need WTB. Only reason I bought WTB was because so many people swore by them at the time and I got used to it and they worked for me.

    If I were purchasing materials now, I'd get the lowest CPAExcel package with all 4 parts, Ninja MCQs, and Ninja Audio. Nothing against people using Becker, but I wouldn't shell out that much of my own money. I might even convince someone who's going to purchase it for me to buy me CPAExcel instead and give me the rest in cash, lol!

    FAR: 4/19/2014 - 85!
    AUD: 5/27/2014 - 90!
    REG: 7/18/2014 - 81!
    BEC: 8/13/2014 - 84!

    4 up, 4 down, in 4 months.

    Licensed 9/22 in NC.


    Firm purchased Becker which I use for a review course. I purchased the Gliem test bank because its really good as a supplement. Highly recommend the Becker/Gliem combo if you can afford it.


    I have tried the following programs:

    FAR: Becker & Yaeger -Passed 1st try
    AUD:Becker & CPAexcel- Passed 1st try
    REG:Becker, Roger & CPAexcel-Passed 1st try

    Best Overall Program Not Factoring In Money: Becker
    Becker has the best test bank out of all 4 and the Sim software is the best on the market. Its the only program where the software reflects the exam on research questions. Lectures are hit and miss but tend to be better than CPAexcel. Reading material is very good but the outline format can be dry and sometimes make it hard to put the overall concept together. Software is king!

    Best Program For Reading Material: CPAexcel
    I find that the software requires more steps to move around, so this lowers productivity when going through questions. However their questions are good and maybe even more reflective of the exam than Becker. The sim component of the software is not nearly as flashy as Becker. Lectures appear to be crap when ever I look at them. This program has the easiest to read material. Its like the CPA exam material is in plain english! This program is probably the best program for your buck if you are not an auditory learner.

    Best Program For Auditory Learners: Roger
    His lectures are better than anyone else on the market, but they are not amazing by any means. I find that he looses some of his flash on the dry topics. I am not an auditory learner and think that CPAexcels format(reading material and test bank) makes it better than Roger overall, but an auditory learner would have an overall better experience as long as they supplement with a budget test bank. His test bank seems good, but I get the feeling that it was not as reflective of the actual exam as Becker and CPAexcel.

    Worst Program of the 4: Yaeger
    Don't get me wrong Cindy was awesome for FAR, but do you guys really consider a program that revolves around lectures and a small handout packet a review course? I consider it more of a supplement to Wiley and not the other way around. Besides those other guys teaching are not great by any means. For me paying full price for Yaeger is a waste when Roger has better lectures and a test bank that is not Wiley. Yaeger lectures can be found cheap on ebay and the price properly reflects the value in my opinion. I couldn't imagine studying out of the Wiley books if they are still around(its like reading an encyclopedia).

    Combo Program For Those with ADD: This might not be the best option for those on a budget, but all of these programs are good enough to help you pass. A person who wants to mix it up might benefit from doing cpaexcel for two and roger for two. Keep in mind that if you pick one program you will be staring at it for on average 400 hours, so mixing it up may be a good way to keep things fresh. Its also can save you money if the process takes you a couple of years…

    If you have a background in a certain section you may want to do a multiple choice focused program like CPAexcel or Becker on that section, and do Roger/Yaeger for a section you have no idea about. Roger offers a big discount for someone who took another program and I don't think it matters what section you paid for.

    Created with Compare Ninja

    Passed all 4 exams in 2014!


    I used 2014 Roger and Wiley MCQs to pass FAR and REG on the first try. I put in 200+ hours for FAR and 150 hours for REG. I like Roger's teaching style and I have gone into each exam feeling prepared. Up next…AUD!

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