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    I want to know what you guys recommend as best study source for the CPA exams and how long you studied for if you already passed it and which Review you used.

    Thank you for the help

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    I'm using Yaeger and definitely recommend it, but haven't tried any others so can't really say. Some things I've picked up on this site: 1. Never use Beckers unless school/work is paying for it, good course but way overpriced. 2. An awful lot of people seem to love Rogers. 3. Regardless of course, get Wiley test bank.

    Oh yeah, and do absolutely anything Jeff ever tells you to do:)

    I've been studying for about 1 1/2 years, but with major gaps due to 3 kids, 2 different cross-state moves, etc (AKA, “life”). Waiting on REG score thus Friday to hopefully be done!

    FAR - 75
    AUD - 72; 87
    REG - 64; 74; 84
    BEC - 88



    The best for the budget is the Wiley book (retail $65 per section, Amazon for <$50) and NINJA materials. The new WTB sucks, and is more expensive. Also, get the NINJA MCQs, NINJA notes, and NINJA audio if you have a long commute or can listen while at work. I got a free CPA Excel course for REG from a textbook, and it was great. I also won a Yeager Cram course with the Wiley text for FAR, results TBD on Friday.

    Wiley books for all four sections and the NINJA 10 point combo gets you all four sections for <$800.


    Becker's great when you don't have to pay $3500 for it. I put in about 170 hours of study for FAR and got a 91; I put in 120 hours of study for AUD and hopefully didn't fail.

    If it's coming out of your own pocket, then opportunity cost really becomes an important question, and I wouldn't recommend Becker. Roger seems good. Supplementing anything with WTB or NINJA materials is solid, too.

    FAR: May 1st, 2014 - 91
    AUD: May 29th, 2014 - 97!
    BEC: July 16th, 2014 - 91
    REG: August 29th, 2014 - 88

    Licensed December 2015

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    I haven't taken an exam yet, but I have been studying for a while with Roger and NINJA materials. I think Roger's lectures are really good for keeping me actively engaged while giving a fairly good explanation of the material. The MCQ software is awful though, so I really don't know if I can say that it was money well spent.

    I feel like I do the most of my learning through my NINJA materials, though – I love the flashcards, audio, and MCQ software.

    REG: July 14
    AUD: 2014
    BEC: 2015
    FAR: 2015


    Only you can really determine which course fits best for you. Watch some sample videos of all the courses (Becker, Wiley, Yaeger, Gleim, Roger, etc.) to see which style is best. I personally LOVE Roger, but someone else might not be able to stand him. It's a personal fit issue. Also consider cost, but know that most courses are similarly prices except for Becker.

    And yes, DEFINITELY get a test bank. Wiley is good, but people have been raving about Jeff's new Ninja MCQ. Good luck!


    AUD -88 (12/07/2013)
    FAR -83 (05/03/2014)
    REG -80 (09/09/2014)
    BEC -71,74,77(05/28/2015)


    I've liked CPA Excel, but I haven't felt great on either attempt through FAR…unsure if it's their fault or mine.

    REG- (1) 76
    FAR- (2) 64, (5)74, (7)83 (Over achiever!)
    AUD- (3) 70, (4) 75
    BEC- (6) 75


    ^ The price is pretty decent if you only buy the video and skip out on the books (~$1100 if i remember correctly)

    REG- (1) 76
    FAR- (2) 64, (5)74, (7)83 (Over achiever!)
    AUD- (3) 70, (4) 75
    BEC- (6) 75


    I've used Bisk (Audio, Video and testbank) and Roger CPA over the years. But Yeager CPA is the one that got me CREDIT 🙂

    Guess which one I recommend??!!

    REG 78 12/2013 YEAGER CPA REVIEW and Yaeger REG Cram Course
    FARE 77 05/2014 YEAGER CPA REVIEW and Yaeger FARE Cram Course
    AUD 81 11/30/2014 Yeager AUD Cram Course; 65 08/2014 YAEGER CPA REVIEW
    BEC 79 6/4/2015 YEAGER CPA REVIEW and Yaegar BEC Cram. Yaegar BEC audio 74 03/02/2015

    DONE and DONE!!


    I like Roger's lectures, but don't always trust his practice questions or his text. If you get Roger, I recommend getting wiley test bank or ninja mcq's


    I have been doing research also on which program to choose and I am leaning towards Rogers but want to know if his newest materials (which were recently changed) are worth it-

    @halfhoot – are you referring to the MCQ that he changed to? I believe they are his own now?

    @anjanja – are you also referring to the new text he wrote that he's using now? I have been curious the opinion on his new books and materials.

    Any help is appreciated from everyone! I am hopeful his new materials are just as good as the system he had going before – seemed to have good reviews at least from before. Thanks 🙂

    FAR - 83
    REG - 86
    BEC - 79
    AUD - Nov 21st

    NINJA MCQ, NINJA Flashcards, Roger CPA Review Lectures/Books

    "The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra."


    It really depends on what your learning style is. I suggest watching free demos on YouTube and get a feel of what purchasing the course may be like. In my case, as someone that always fell asleep during class lectures, I needed someone like Roger to keep me awake and pay attention. No point in purchasing a course if your not going to use it.

    Either way, I highly suggest supplementing with a test bank. The default questions these CPA Review courses come with a just downright annoying to use and I only suggest Wiley if you want to practice CPA questions in the same format as the exam itself on test day. Otherwise, NINJA MCQ wins hands down over Wiley.


    Yaeger is awesome!



    Seriously…. ninja MCQ is the way to go. The questions are exactly like Wiley…. but with the answers formatted better and easy access to additional information about the topic.

    BEC - 80
    AUD - 64, 75 - credit lost, 90!!
    REG - 73, 74, 83
    FAR - 61, 72, 85

    Feels good finishing on my best note. Time to watch the mailbox.


    I think I remember some people here complaining in the past that Roger has a tendency to go off on a tangent on things that aren't covered on the exam, and skips over things that are.

    I myself am on the fence with either CPAExcel or Yaeger for my first test (FAR). It seems like CPAExcel's video lectures are smaller (“bite-sized”), basically just professors reading off the slides which are themselves crib notes of the text. Their PQ's are T/F but the EQ's are multiple choice, with the EQ's & SIMs more closely resembling the exam. General consensus is to skip lectures and PQ's unless you are hurting in a section. Yaeger goes into more detail for the lectures, which is better if you are more comfortable with being walked through hundreds of MCQs instead of doing the research yourself (comprehensive yet tedious). Their MCQs are WTB, and text is Wiley. The explanations for the MCQs are not developed in-house. Both programs seem to have pretty solid study planning software though. Like, do this lesson this day, that lesson the next day etc. I need that. I could never do the Wiley books on my own. Same reason I love P90X 🙂

    After demoing CPAExcel, I think it's the better of the two for me. We'll see how it goes though. These are just my impressions after doing some research; I have never thoroughly used any review course as I have yet to begin studying for my first part. Oh and CPAExcel has a refund policy. Yaeger does not.

    EDIT: Whatever I choose, I plan to supplement with NINJA 10 Point Combo.

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