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    Becker CPA Review Mock Exam Score vs Actual CPA Exam Score

    I figured since so many people ask, it’d be easier to have it all in one thread for reference. Good idea?

    Calculating this by taking the average MCQ*60% and average sim*40%


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    Hi all!


    If you're getting high 60s/low 70s on Becker, you're very likely to pass the actual exam.

    I consistently have candidates with whom I work that place into mid 60's on Becker and come out with a comfortable low 80's on the actual exam. The curve definitely adjust the score down and all we have to do is be in the top 40%. :))

    Some more info

    Becker doesn't adjust for curve and also has arguably more difficult questions in their software. Here is why. The questions that Becker provides to practice are either Becker-written or AICPA-released. Becker-written questions tend to have some twists and turns that are really good for learning the topic, but are not representative of the exam difficulty. Recent AICPA-released questions are just that, questions that have been released because they more than 50% of candidates got them wrong during the test run. The questions that more than 50% of the candidates got correct usually get released into the general testing pool.

    I guess the most representative questions would be those from much earlier years, when the entire exam was released to the public after the window was finished. But some of those date back to late 80s/early 90s and are somewhat outdated.

    So definitely use the Becker question as a great learning/testing platform, but do not let yourself think that you need to place into mid 70's or 80's on Becker questions prior to sitting. I would actually feel that you're likely overstudying (or accidentally have the answers memorized) if you're placing that high.

    Hope this helps!



    Alright, I also am contributing because I loved this post so much right before my FAR exam and I know I will love it in a few days when I take my REG Becker Final!

    FAR Final 1: 60%
    FAR Final 2: 64%
    *Did not attempt SIMS for these and didn't practice SIMS a single time for the 10 weeks I studied FAR

    FAR Actual: 77%

    So excited about using Becker right now! I am a notoriously slow learner (i.e. my brain forced me to do the lectures, read the book, take notes on the book, do the mcq and take notes and I STILL was having a hard time) so I would recommend Becker to anyone who has time to actually do the exact route they advise.

    B- Pass
    A- Pass
    R- Pass
    F- Pass

    B 10/29/16
    A 10/1/16
    R 9/2/16
    F 7/26/16


    Becker Final 1: 59%
    Becker Final 2: 67%

    FAR Actual: 75%


    Becker Final 1: 72
    Becker Final 2: 58

    BEC Actual: 80



    Becker Final 1: 68
    Becker Final 2: 59

    BEC Actual: 87

    **after taking the second Becker final and having my dreams crushed, I spent about a week doing nothing but flashcards and reworking problems until I felt comfortable

    Just keep swimming


    AUD: 75

    BEC: 87

    FAR: 79

    REG: 82


    So far I have taken and passed three sections of the CPA exam using Becker. I have consistently scored higher on every exam than I did on the practice exam. My scores are as follows:

    FAR (Multiple Choice 60%, Sims 40%)
    Becker Final #1: 84%
    Becker Final #2: 82%
    Actual Exam: 90%

    REG (Multiple Choice 60%, Sims 40%)
    Becker Final #1: 74%
    Becker Final #2: 84%
    Actual Exam: 94%

    BEC (Multiple Choice Only)
    Becker Final #1: 81%
    Becker Final #2: 69%
    Actual Exam: 94%

    I am taking AUD on 9/3/2016. Becker seems to offer a very quality review. I would certainly recommend it to anyone who is planning to sit for the CPA exam.



    Becker 1: 92%
    Becker 2: 88%

    Actual: 94%

    AUD - 91
    BEC - 91
    FAR - 94
    REG - 87

    FAR- taken 8/11/ the wait begins
    AUD- scheduled 9/8/16
    BEC- scheduled 10/9/16
    REG-scheduled 12/10/16

    Live a few years like most people won't, to live the rest of your life like most people can't.



    Becker 1: 76%
    Becker 2: 81%

    Actual: 89%


    BEC (Multiple Choice only):

    Becker 1: 71%
    Becker 2: 54%

    BEC actual: 75

    AUD - 77
    BEC - 75
    FAR - 78
    REG - 77
    Finished.  Praise be to the Almighty!


    Becker 1: 70.5%
    Becker 2: 75.5%

    FAR Actual: 85


    Becker 1: 81%
    Becker 2: 68%

    BEC Actual: 84


    Becker 1: 67%
    Becker 2: 56%

    REG Actual: 84

    Normally I like to take the final exams a few days before I take the actual exam, to spend a few days reviewing concepts I missed. I will sit for Audit on Saturday. I have scored 71% and 68% on the AUD Final Exams.

    FAR 04/27/16 85
    BEC 05/26/16 84
    REG 07/19/16 84
    AUD 08/27/16


    REG (MCQ + SM)

    Becker 1: 68%

    Becker 2: 72%

    REG Actual: 86

    Tic for Tax

    Practice test 1: 87
    Practice test 2: 86
    Actual score: 92

    Practice test 1: 80
    Actual test: 90

    Practice test 1: 85
    Practice test 2: 86
    Actual score: 99

    The actual score has always been higher, so hopefully this proves to be true on BEC as well.


    Practice exam 1: 66
    Practice exam 2: 55

    Actual: 56

    I spent about 15 hours a week studying for Audit for 5-6 weeks.

    Retaking it after BEC.


    Becker Exam 1: 82
    Becker Exam 2: 78

    BEC Actual: 89

    BEC 8/12/16: TBD
    FAR: TBD
    REG: TBD
    AUD: TBD


    AUD – 98 Actual

    Becker 1 – 91
    Becker 2 – 89

    FAR – 95 Actual

    Becker 1 – 88
    Becker 2 – 87

    REG – 92 Actual

    Becker 1 – 83
    Becker 2 – 88

    BEC – 94 Actual

    Becker 1 – 88
    Becker 2 – 92


    FAR - 95, 2/17/2016
    AUD - 98, 4/2/2016
    REG - 92, 6/10/2016
    BEC - Waiting for Score, 7/9/2016

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