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    During the CPA Examinations, I got up to use the bathroom while my testlet was still going on, I totally forgot that it was against the rules until I came back and the lady told me that I should know better. I dont even know what to do. Have you heard of a similar story from a candidate before and what was the outcome?

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    Sarasota Sooner

    I received Confirmation of Attendance, yes.


    To me it seems like the exam was submitted and you should have your score. All you can do now is just wait (I know, easier said than done!)

    When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

    All Done!!!

    AUD 7/6/16 Passed
    BEC 9/3/16


    Since they didn't mention that you had broken the rules, they probably didn't notice that you had. Next time, you'll know not to do it.

    I only took a break during my last exam, REG, cause I'd had all sorts of car trouble on the way to the exam, and hadn't had time to be able to even text my BF and let him know that I'd arrived safely, so I took a break (can't remember which testlets it was between, I think it was either at the first opportunity so first MCQ testlet, or after all MCQs before SIMs), and called him to let him know I'd made it etc. Honestly I don't remember ever seeing anything that said you couldn't use cell phones on break, so had no clue it was an issue. After I'd been on the phone for a couple/few minutes, one of them noticed and since they knew the whole situation and I'd been there a few times before, I think they understood why I'd called, but they were like “Uhh…you gotta get off that.” So I then panicked a bit, told my BF I'd goofed up and had to get off of it, went back to the exam, and got a passing grade a couple weeks later.


    OMG, you better know the rules before taking a test.

    You are SOL and you should be.

    BTW, no drinks no food no anything. You have a runny nose? You can't even bring your own tissues. You get TWO, and I mean TWO of theirs.

    C'mon people. You want to be a CPA? THINK!


    I'm pregnant and was afraid I'd have to run out and puke. Luckily I didn't.

    However, this last time they said something about my earrings. They're CBR (Captured ball rings) and don't really…come out. They've been in there over a decade and I have no idea how to take them out–not to mention, they're kind of infected now (pregnancy is fun!) so it's not a good idea medically to be removing them and letting the infection close around it.
    I've sat for the tests like 12 times at this location and that's the first time they mentioned them. After having 3 people come look at them, they finally said I could leave them in (not sure what else I could do??) but they'd “make a note”. I sure hope that doesn't end up voiding my test!!

    Also, I got up during a scheduled break and the lady had me sign out but didn't do my finger print. When I came back, the new lady was surprised that the first one hadn't taken my print–that's on them, not my fault. Better not be an issue!

Viewing 5 replies - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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