CPA Exam Voided?

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    During the CPA Examinations, I got up to use the bathroom while my testlet was still going on, I totally forgot that it was against the rules until I came back and the lady told me that I should know better. I dont even know what to do. Have you heard of a similar story from a candidate before and what was the outcome?

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    Did they let you finish the exam?

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    during my ALLOWED break, i went to my locker and was checking my phone and responding to texts. the proctor saw me on the camera i guess and told me to unlock my phone and give it to her. i didn't know i wasn't allowed to use the phone on my break. she said you signed the agreement – i told her no one reads that thing before signing it! i was so nervous going into the exam so when i saw the sheet of paper with the rules, i just signed at the bottom w/o reading it.

    anyway, i guess she documented the scenario and submitted it to AICPA.

    she did let me back in and i received my score a couple weeks later.

    not sure if this helps you, but there is hope.


    oh man thanks for the heads up, and goodluck to you bleek

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    All scores expired, let's try this again.

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    My prometric goes over a quick reminder of all rules before I enter. Breaks, what you can and cannot do during breaks, etc. Love my prometric! Still, you walk out in the middle of a testlet and sorry to say but it should be voided. It may have been an honest mistake but as a candidate I don't want them to start making exceptions for honest mistakes because then not so honest or much more desperate people will start to take advantage of that. Chalk it up to a learning experience. ..but your exam shouldn't count



    I ran out of the testing room in the middle of a REG exam to throw up. The Prometric people were very understanding but probably because they didn't want to have to clean up. When I was alright, they checked me out and then back in, but the clock was running the whole time. I don't know if there is a difference between leaving in the middle of a testlet to use the bathroom and leaving to go puke.


    Kricket: were you in sight of the cameras the entire time or did you go to the bathroom? I mean I get it…somebody throws up in the testing room and it messes up everybody's test because people can't test in that environment. I guess it's just a case by case basis. Maybe if they can see it happening you clearly weren't creating a ruse.



    Do you guys know if you can bring a energy drink like monster in there or is only water bottle allowed?

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    GSU-CPA, you can't bring any food or drink into the testing room (unless maybe you have a medical condition?). If you want to drink anything during the exam you would have to take a break (with clock still running) between testlets.

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    My Prometric is also very good about stating the rules but they are not so good about exam specifics…for example….when I took REG the guy in front of me was taking FAR and they told him that he could take breaks without it counting against his time. I had to correct the girl. When I went to take BEC last night she told me I had 4 hrs for the exam…again…I knew that wasn't right and said something. These details are critical…if a candidate didn't know that BEC was 3 hrs and not 4 they would have been screwed.


    Ouch, Casagarber. Not good.

    I would think that with nerves and all, there would be regularly posted barf cans in the testing room!

    Good luck to you, nassaubleek. I hope it works out.

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    My prometric would tell me what the rules are every time i went there. Even though I know them by heart now 😀

    I have never taken a break during a test so I had always “assumed” that when you step out of the exam room they have you sign out and at the same time ask you are you in between testlets.

    For the mobile phone incident – That I really can say is a red flag because you could be texting someone to help on a question – I mean they would see it that way even if its not the case. – All I can say is don't put yourself in a risky situation.

    Personally I made sure I knew all the rules – If unsure I would ask no matter how daft I may have sounded to them and i never took a chance on them thinking I could be cheating.

    Example when I took FAR on wed.. I could hear someone talking – mumbling.. Now even though I would prefer to mumble so that I can hear the Qs out loud I wouldn't darn do it.

    How that person got away with mumbling out loud I don't know. I just knew I am not risking it. Just a extra careful.


    i know when i was taking a break after my MCQs and had to shake it up before doing my SIMS, the lady asked me if i had a scheduled break between testlets and i said yes. She then took my signature, wrote down time and did same when i came back.

    Actually, there was a thing once, first three of my exams i had no problem with my signature, but one time when i came in to test, the guy working there asked me to sign in, i did, and then he said it does not look like your signature on the ID. I told him that my ID signature is over 5 years old and my signature changed a bit. He crossed it out and asked to sign again. The other time when they were checking my jean pockets, i had a jacket on with obvious pockets and they forgot to ask to show them. I had a napkin in one pocket. Im thinking, they are only human, there will be flaws on their parts as well, it is our responsibility to know the rules too.

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    Wow its crazy that they dont let you atleast take a water bottle in there. Taking a 3-4 hr exam without sipping on some water should be illegal.

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    Illegal? It's not forced torture…you signed up for it!


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    ^^ Heheheheh – That is true.

    I guess you just train your body to be able to deal with such circumstances. Perhaps its because since i was a young child I have been able to fast for 30days from sunrise to sunset that not having water for 4 hours doesn't affect me 🙂

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