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    I need your advice.
    Last Saturday I took REG in Prometric center, after I finished 1st testlet, I took break time, so when I took water in the locker (it took 5~10 seconds to grab water from my backpack), Prometric guy walked and he told I tried to be “cheating” so he did write up with some pictures (he took some pictures) after that, he let me in and I completed rest of testlets. Even if I explained, he did not listen and told me to ask NASBA.
    I was very upset, because I didn't do anything and I felt REG test was passing range.
    What do you think? Do I have to contact to Nasba? and exam score will be void? I am desperate but Prometric did not listen.

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    I wouldn't stress about this. There have been similar things such as this reported on this board, and no one's scores were ever held back. I am not sure about your Prometric, but the staff at my local center was always very clear about what you can and cannot do.
    We were not allowed to access the lockers, but they did have a table by the entry door for snacks and drinks, as well as a water cooler in the testing lobby area.
    It's better to be safe than sorry, and in the future I would explicitly ask the staff if you are allowed to do something before you do it. Similar to how if you get pulled over you should verbally announce that you are reaching in your glove box or center console to retrieve a document, and receiving a verbal confirmation that the officer heard you, before you reach for anything.

    Common sense goes a long way here.

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    Can you update with what happened? Did you get your score? I got written up for going to my phone to turn it off because it started to blast music in my locker during my break. I’m not sure what will happen to me

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