Need to retake Intermediate accounting after 27 years to pass?

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    I’m 52 and have a bachelors in finance. I only worked three years and then become a stay at home mom for 20 years! For the last 2 years I’ve been working as a staff accountant, but it’s mostly AP, bank recs, and journal entries, with a whole bunch of other non accounting duties. I’m realizing how much I enjoy accounting and am going to take the classes I need to sit for the CPA (I hope, trying to work on confidence!) I took intermediate one, intermediate two and tax one 27 years ago. So technically I need five classes still to sit for the CPA. But should I retake those three classes anyways? Or will the review courses give me a enough of a review that I don’t need to sit through those classes again? Thank you!

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    I vote NO!

    You just need a good CPA review course. I would also advise taking master's level classes to fulfill whatever hours you need. Some programs have a “survey of accounting” class at the graduate level that would serve you well.

    College classes go deeper than the CPA, but review courses prepare you for what you'll see on the tests.

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    CPA review courses will be more than sufficient enough, and they will teach you the stuff you need to know for the CPA exam. NO need to re-take those college accounting courses unless you need them for the 150 hour rule for the licensure.


    It sounds backwards but I wish I had CPA review course material when I was taking my accounting classes. I don't have an accounting degree (made it half-way through then got a Finance degree instead) but many of the concepts I had a difficult time grasping seem much easier to digest now with the review courses. That was one of my initial apprehensions, how would I pass the CPA exams when I couldn't cut it in school (besides being quite a lackluster and lazy student), but rest assured, the review courses are enough. If anything is still confusing YouTube is always good for that, good luck!




    You do not need to take accounting classes to be able to take the CPA exam-a good review course will have all the information you need. The CPA exam is an inch deep and a mile wide, so no need to have in depth knowledge in order to study and pass the CPA exam. Good luck!


    I dunno if I agree with that. More like a mile wide and a mile deep. Very minor details about very specific topics are absolutely tested.

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    Hi Lin,

    I am now in the same boat as you were 4 years ago. I need to take the exam 22 years after graduating. I am afraid that a review course will not be enough for me and feel that I need to retake my accounting classes. I would love to hear what you used and how it went for you. I would really appreciate it.

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    I see I'm not alone. I'm thinking of taking the exam again. I haven't worked in accounting in over 14 years. I refuse to take mor college courses. I also used Becker + Ninja in the past. Any recommendations on a review course for someone not currently working in the field?



    A lot of the structure has changed (no more SFAS's). Of course, Intermediate Accounting is the backbone of accounting, and you'll want to know it inside out.
    If you don't need the credits, here's what I would say: get a recent textbook – electronic is not bad, because you can always access it later in your job too. Then do a review course and block lots of time for FAR. You have your textbook for more detailed reference. But, I would spend a good bit of time in: Chapters 1 & 2 to get you up to speed on what has changed in general; Revenue Recognition; Leases; Comprehensive Income and OCI.

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