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    Hi everyone,

    New member here. I am in my last semester as an undergrad (graduate in Dec) and have accepted an offer to work in PA starting in July 2022. My firm has provided me with Becker materials and I want to take all 4 exams between my graduation and start date. I anticipate taking FAR in Feb 22.

    I have begun studying FAR in Becker and am currently in F3, but starting to feel that it may be futile at this point to be studying – as Jeff says you should not study outside of a 6-8 week period or you risk losing the ability to memorize. Does anyone have any advice on what I could be doing to get a head start? May I could knock out the “N” in the Ninja framework?


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    If you have time to study and actually prepare for the exam then just go for it. Have you applied to your state board and been approved to sit for exams? If not, do that first, then start studying. About a month before you are ready to sit (timeline is actually driven by the state you are in) request a NTS and schedule your exam. Once you start, don’t study to pass, study to make 100 on each exam, set a goal of no retakes and stay positive. They are a challenge but they are not impossible. When you finish school you can take the ones you still need to pass. When you start working you can start your experience journey. When you are ready to license you can complete any ethics requirements. EZ-PZ. You’ve got this! Good luck!🍀

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