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    I wish I had taken the exam when I was younger. It really didn’t come to my mind until after I had been in business over 10 years. I LET life take me away from what I wanted and now realize that I didn’t need to. I know, I know about all the statements of “you don’t want it bad enough”. But I use my situation to encourage the young to get it done. Something is always going to happen, so don’t wait for convenience is my message.
    Nevertheless,I am not giving up on becoming licensed, because it is personal to me to have those letters. Yes, I go through the what if, I go through the is this for me and why can’t I stay motivated, and have I put it off too long? Yes, I have spent a lot of money on review courses and test fees. This is not a second Career for me, it’s been my only career. But not having those letters have been absolute TORTURE, especially over 45 which I am.
    Find away to get it done, not having that license will stay in the back of your mind.
    To answer the question, 45 is NOT too old to start.

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    I'm 45. It's not too late. Who just said older folks will take all the time and even run out of time? I literally just did three parts in 5 months and working on my last part now. Careful with blanket statements

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    That was me, and I meant to use all the time relative to the 4 hours, not to the 18 months.
    And I did run out of time on the exams, and also got them done in 5.5 months start to finish.
    I'm not saying it's impossible, but it was a struggle (at least for me personally).

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    No, 45 is not too late. I studied in my late 40's and passed, and it took a lot out of me but I did it and I'm proud of myself for that. I had a lot of support from my wife and son, which was very important and so helpful to help me get through my studies after working a full day. It's a huge commitment, so you need to be dedicated and disciplined in your studies. I agree a lot with what @Recked said, and I know from all the posts I've seen him make to help people that he had no bad intentions in his statement. It's just a fact of life and I'd be in denial if I didn't accept that I don't have nearly as much energy as I used to. Just don't let that stop you and use it as motivation to go out and get it!

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    I was 52 when I passed the exam. It was a career change move for me. The short answer is NO.

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    Totally agree with the forum members above who say 45 is not too old.

    Go for it. And use your maturity and experience to your advantage.

    I don't really remember my CPA exam scores. I've been a CPA for decades... I run a four CPA firm in Redmond WA. I'm the author of a bunch of books about small business accounting including QuickBooks for Dummies and Quicken for Dummies.
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