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    Thankfully my husband has been extremely supportive. He just asks that I don't forget about him lol! So I have to plan out my date nights around studying as well.

    I hope not to do any shopping and force myself back into my skinny clothes. 🙂 I think i need the will power to do all of these suggestions more than anything lol.

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    cutting out breakfast? terrible advice

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    @ win2betmore

    Care to give some reasoning why it is terrible advice? AND PREFERABLY WITH SOURCES. Don't just say that your mother and your PE teacher told you breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Best argument will come from official research articles and not “health website” type stuff.

    I can go first if you like.

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    As bad as it sounds about cutting out breakfast, if you do it right it actually helps a ton with healthy weight loss/maintenance. My husband and I started the intermittent fasting (IF) PP mentions above, and what we follow entails waiting at least 14-16 hours to eat your first meal of the day from the last meal you ate the day before. (so, if I had dinner at 6pm, I shouldn't eat my first meal of the day until 8-10am at a min). It's really not bad at all for you and is backed by some pretty strong science.

    It was hard at first for me, but it's helping me drop weight. My hubs has already dropped 25lbs over 6 months and got really ripped following IF and a structured lifting/wholesome eating regimen.

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    What if you exercise in the morning? Is it still ok not to eat… I exercise around 9am.

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    I always thought that not having breakfast slowed down your metabolism? Have I been lied to all my life? =O

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    I always thought that not having breakfast slowed down your metabolism? Have I been lied to all my life? =O

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    Yes, cutting out breakfast slows down your metabolism, but not by much. And if you're cutting out a 500-600 calorie breakfast and only slowing your metabolism a little bit, you'll still keep your weight down or lose weight.

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    It's only Coffee and Energy Drinks water weight. Those will come off once studying is over.

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    I was guilty of grabbing fast food because it was quick. My pants and bank account quickly shut that down. Now I try to stick to quick, simple meals. For lunch I usually do some sort of salad (takes ~20min to make them for the week) and for dinner I do a precooked Tyson chicken breast and vegetable steamer pouches. Dinner can be heated and ready in less than 5 minutes. I also have simple snacks twice a day (usually pre-portioned almonds, rice cakes/PB, or apples/PB). My food is convenient yet healthy. Since I eat the same foods so often, I know exactly what I can eat and maintain my recommended daily calorie allowance.

    I also used to study while I was on the treadmill. I did that a little too much and I ended up with a stress fracture in my foot. I had to take some time off of exercise and I just haven't gotten back into it.

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    Last Chance CPA

    I only gained weight before, during and after my CPA exams studies….oh wait?

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    I'm glad I found this thread – watching your weight becomes more difficult when you have these exams to study for, in addition to work! I think sleep is underrated. I know it's hard if you have a family or if you are working a lot (or both), but I think people undervalue sleep in general. I have the hardest time practicing self control and eating right when I'm tired. All I want is carbs and caffeine, which then interferes with sleep even further. When I stick to a good sleeping schedule, not only is my eating better but I'm more productive at everything I do. That's the main reason why I choose afternoon exams so I can get 9-10 hrs of sleep and a late breakfast/early lunch before I head off to Prometric.

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    @jdn9201 you're right! Although I think I'm getting enough sleep, I'm always freaking tired. Not to mention I dream about this damn test. ugh! maybe I just need a nap.

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    i eat like crap when i study. i am proud to admit it! red bull x200 bags of chips, doritos locos tacos, big macs, pizza and chinese delivery yummy. if if am studying for months into the morning hours, i am allowing myself a guilty pleasure. my whole focus is maximizing study time- food boils down to convenience. absorbing nutrition is secondary absorbing CPA review material is first and foremost. food prep time is a waste. thats 20 mins i could spend studying. food shopping time is a waste, thats an hour i can spend studying.

    my priorities are a bit different i guess. letting my weight go for 6 months won't kill me. plus, i will be able to afford a personal trainer once im rich with CPA to help me work off the weight.

    i am not being facetious with this post i am totally serious. all this healthy peanut butter and broccoli talk is great! but i dont want others reading this to feel left out or guilty if they eat junk. its ok to allow yourself to cheat on a healthy diet during this process. dont feel guilty if you, like myself, have a hard time eating healthy while you study. i love to reward myself with junk in fact i use it as motivation (1 pint of ben jerrys per 4 hours of studying)

    if someone came upto you and said i will give you a CPA/CFA/JD/similarly prestigious designation/ in exchange for 25 pounds, i would take that bargain in a heartbeat. thats basically the tradeoff i made with the AICPA 😀

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    I've definitely gained weight since starting. During my 1st exam I lost a ton of weight cause all I did was study (nothing else going on in my life) and I'd forget to eat.

    With exam 2 and 3 (and now about to start 4) I'm getting my masters, working, doing HW for my masters, and studying. KILLING ME! I feel fat as a cow now. Thank gosh I will have some time between finishing all this and starting my real job to hopefully focus on getting back in shape in fitting into my work clothes :X

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