Did anyone pass BEC without completing all three WC questions?

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    I took BEC this week. I had medium-medium-hard testlets. After struggling with crazy random IT questions that I never saw from Becker(I had at least 7 from my third testlet), I was running out of time. I think I did well on all calculation questions (significantly trickier and longer in third testlet). I spent one hour for my third testlet. I ended up only finishing 2 WC and leaving last one incomplete( I wrote 2 paragraphs by copy and paste the prompt)

    Did anyone pass without finishing all 3 WC?

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    Ya, if you did really well on mcq's and the 2 wc's you completed you have a real shot. So, relax and you will know in a few weeks. Hang in.

    From the aicpa doc “how is the cpa exam scored”

    7. Can I pass the BEC section just by doing well on the multiple-choice questions?

    Yes. However, it would be very difficult to do so as you would have to performexceedingly well. It is advisable to be prepared for both the multiple-choice and thewritten communication questions.

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    When I took BEC I left one WC blank and for other two I only was able to put 3-4 sentences. I passed with 77.

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    You can pass BEC without the WC section.

    Almost always from my phone... please excuse my typos!

    All 4 passed - 2016

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    thanks guys.. I got my score.. passed with 83..
    for those of you who will take bec in the future.. dont worry if you didnt finish the wc portion..I still passed

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    How much time should I leave for the WC's?

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    @ tryef: I did. I barely squeaked by with a 77, but i only did 1 and half of the written communications before I ran out of time. I wouldnt suggest it, I guess i did pretty well on the MC. But i think the written is only 10%, so the best thing to do is to nail the MCQs.

    @ohfuggles: give AT LEAST an hour. My suggestion is maybe an hour & 15 if you can. But you dont want to rush through and miss the mcqs since they're 90% of your grade. You really want to nail those.

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    I think 50mins is sufficient.. 15mins for writing each problem and 5mins for checking.. I had about 35 mins .. but i spent more time on mcq because i knew mcq is 85%…

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    I got comparable without completing wc…

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