Yaeger CPA Review is the literal worst

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    Child’s Play

    This company is a complete disaster. These people don’t have the slightest clue how their own application works. Their product offerings are a mess, as if they’re just making it all up as they go along. Their video lectures are absolutely insufferable & outdated. It feels like a classroom from the 80’s. If you manage to suffer through more than 5 minutes of their podcast, you’ll soon discover that no one likes to hear himself talk more than Phil Yaeger. I’m sorry, but listening to him ramble on about himself & say wildly inappropriate things & treat his guests rudely is just cringe, like nails on a chalkboard. They discount their products for a reason, no doubt. Yaeger CPA simply can’t compete with the rest. I’d recommend going with literally anyone else!

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    What section are you using? I personally think Phil is a great tax instructor. I would just call him.

    AUD - 79
    BEC - 80
    FAR - 76
    REG - 92
    Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS)
    NINJA CPA Review
    Ninja Albert

    Hi I think you should try if you haven't tried yet the sparring VIDs, I think you should think of each topic alone and independent and go through the VID slow, write notes and answer questions for each topic and you will be surprised how much you can know. The sparring sessions basically gives you everything you need to know at least to clear the session. Let us know how well you do, because I for myself had trouble also ( not from Yager) and when I started Ninja, I have seen success because of the sparring VIDS.

    I wish you luck fellow candidate

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