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    Anyone getting married/or planned a wedding that works for a public accounting firm? Not sure what the protocol on who to invite would be? I would want to invite the partners I’ve worked with and some of my co-workers but there are so many different people that you work with it would be hard to invite them all, especially after just starting a little over 1 year ago. Anyone have any advice for this very off topic question?


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    no input from me, but CONGRATULATIONS!

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    Looking back to our wedding, I wish my husband and I hadn't invited any of our co-workers. It is unlikely that you'll be working with these people forever, but they will always be in the pictures. Additionally, I found it made my boss uncomfortable to have to say no. Just my two cents. (And Congrats!!)

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    I'm with @kr557.

    I didn't invite any if my coworkers…. I had been working there a little over six or seven months and was already good friends with a couple of them. It has been six years and we still are very good friends and none of us work there anymore.

    I wouldn't them either… I didn't give them any reason I just didn't invite them.

    And trust me they won't mind… I've ha this talk with them.

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