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    Hello all,

    I have a question regards to obtaining Type A License.
    I don't know whether if my current situation will prevent me from getting the necessary experience hours or not..

    My partner and I have started a small local CPA firm 5 years ago. We are pretty much just doing Individual/Corporate income taxes, monthly services, and consultations. In recent days, one of our clients had asked us if we can audit his company (My partner is Type A CPA and I am Type G CPA.) If we were to accept the audit services, my partner who is the only person experienced in this, will supervise me and I will be following his instructions.

    My question is…. Can one partner be supervised under another partner and gain the audit & attest experience hours?

    I just think this is a good opportunity for me to gain some hours and I do not want this to go to a waste.

    Any thoughts?


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    The state you are in drives this question. Look up the rules on your state’s accountancy board and email them with further questions. Be aware, too, of peer review requirements once you take on this type of work. Understand all this will require and allow before you proceed.

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