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    Hello, everyone. I am moving to Texas for employment on Sep 2021 so I need to transfer my NY CPA license to Texas. I hope someone can help me with below question if you have done it in the past.

    I have been a CPA in NY State since 2018. Per CPE requirement in New York State, I am not required to fulfill the annual 40 hours CPE and 4 Ethics CPE per year for the first three year as a new CPA, meaning I am not required to have any CPE requirement as a newly licensed CPA until 2022. Here is the website of NYSED:

    However, I found Texas to have a completely different rule here as per Texas reciprocal requirement – “an applicant is required to have completed at least 120 hours of CPE hours during the three years immediately preceding the date of application.” As mentioned above, it is impossible for newly certified CPA like me in NY because NY state does not require me to take any CPE until 2022. Anything I can do here so that I can practice in Texas? Would it be possible to first relocate to Texas and start earning CPE for the next three years and then apply for the reciprocal?

    I thought transfer license suppose to be easy because we are all practic in USA, but apparently not. I have reached out to Texas Accountancy Board twice and everytime they response in one sentence saying “3 years or more you will need to have 120 hours of CPE.”

    Thank you for everyone’s time

    All done
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    (2) If a non-resident licensee's principal place of business state has no CPE requirements for renewal of a certificate/license, the non-resident licensee must comply with all CPE requirements for renewal of a certificate in Texas.

    (1) Licensees who have been certified or registered for less than 12 months do not have a CPE credit requirement. The first license period begins on the date of certification and ends with the last day of the licensee's birth month.

    I would check to see if you qualifies to be a new CPA license applicant in Texas. The easiest way. My theory is that since NY does not honor any CPA license less than 4 years old (which will tell you to apply as new applicant), I would look into rather there's anything that would prevent you from being apply as “new” in Texas. Check if you can self-certified your work experience, if not, have your NY supervisor sign it off.

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    You should direct your question to the Texas Board of Accountancy for an authoritative answer. Here are the CPE exemption rules. Ask them if you qualify under (C) a licensee not residing in Texas, who submits an affidavit to the board that the licensee does not serve Texas clients from out of state;
    Found at:

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