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    Hi everyone! I am interested in anyone’s experience in a tax firm at an entry level position and the type of training you received. I have only ever been with two small firms and recently my experience with training has not been the best. I am being told that every firm trains their entry level staff the same way. Any advice would be great!

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    When I first started I had no tax experience other than a class in college and doing my own on turbotax. The way I was trained was given a few small fake returns to prepare and get used to the program then met with a senior to go over any errors I made. Basically the training is through review notes and asking for help when I got stuck. After clearing countless notes during your first busy season it begins to stick very well. Expectations aren't generally very high for new hires without experience, but may vary by firm now that you have worked for two.

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    From what I know, a lot of training is on-the-job. I'm a staff accountant, studying for the exam with UWorld Roger, and although my undergrad and grad covered elements of tax, my true experience came with on-the-job training. I myself didn't want to do too much tax and preferred staff duties. My neighbor does tax heavily, and we don't see her at all during tax season, as she's really busy during those months.


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