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    This is my first time posting on this forum, I have been reading it a lot recently because I have been more serious about my CPA but here is a story.

    I graduated from college with 150 credits so that I can sit for the CPA, I didn’t know what to do with my accounting degree yet so I found the first “accounting job” that would hire me. The job didn’t have much to do with accounting more data entry until they gave me AR which I really liked. Time to start the CPA took BEC first in Aug 2015 because it is the “easiest” got a 59, I was slightly heartbroken but I knew I wasn’t a good test taker and I knew I didn’t study to the best of my ability, so I picked myself up and took 2 months to study and got a 71 this time. This time it really got to me, I started to think is this worth it, if I cant pass BEC how can I become a CPA, and it started thinking what do I want to do with a CPA even if I get it. I gave it a 3rd try, but during my studying I was thinking that I really dont know why I am doing this. Ended up with a 73 and then I really started thinking, a CPA would be nice but am I doing it for a possible pay raise, am I doing it to say that I am a CPA, am I doing it to go into Public or am I doing to secure myself job wise. I started giving myself excuses to not continue studying. I figured at this time it was Mar 2016, I had started a new job, moved and decided to take the summer off to clear my head. Few months into the summer I had quit the CPA I decided it wasnt for me.

    My girlfriend started taking the CPA around Spring of 2016, she took BEC first, passed on her first try, I was happy for her, I knew this was something she had more determination and motivation then me. She took REG next and we made a bet about her score, and if I lost I would have to study again. I lost and took my time getting back into studying. It was mid summer at this point and I decided to give BEC another try, I have seen the material so much I thought, let me try again. I studied and felt like I was actually understanding the material, took the exam right before Labor Day got my results and found out I passed with an 81. I fist pumped the air, jumped in joy on my way to work, I have finally passed an exam. With the changes coming up I knew I have about 6 months to pass the next 3 exams. I decided to take AUD and REG before the year ends and FAR in Mar and be done before the changes kick in. I started studying for AUD, changed my study habits a little and got a 69 after a month wait. The wait was brutal but the results hurt, I knew it was close, I knew I did well on the simulations because I found most of them in the AL. At this point I was already studying for REG so I took REG on Dec 10th and took a vacation the next day. I felt myself burning out and really needed a break. I came back from vacation yesterday and looked at my results and my girlfriends. She took FAR her last exam in the beginning of this month so we were both anxious to see. I checked her exam first, she passed I was so happy for her. I checked my next and got a 51. I felt like I studied the most for this exam, I watched lecture videos, did MCQs, made notecards, tried to understand concepts, I felt like I had it. During the exam MCQs seemed fine and simulations kicked my butt, but I felt like maybe I can squeeze by.

    With only 1 exam done and less than 3 months to take the exam until the official changes take place, this changes all of my plans. I now have to take an exam with the new changes and I wont know those results until Mid August that means my journey still has to go on for 8 months. I feel so defeated again, to have failed 5 times and knowing I still have so much work to do has me thinking again why am I doing this. I have changed my study habits multiple times, I use Becker and Fast Forward, ask my gf for help and I just dont know anymore. I apologize I know this is a long read but I really need career advice and somehow no one at my job, that works above me has an accounting degree, so they cant relate. I do have AUD rescheduled for Mid January and I do have an NTS for FAR until late MAY.

    The million dollar question that has been asked so many times, is the CPA worth it? I feel like I can have a happy and successful life without it, I am a hard worker and am passionate about any job I work on, but I know that I am once again looking for excuses to quit but mentally I just dont know how much more I can take. I like this forum because its a community that helps each other and has the similar emotions and stories.

    Please any advice would be great and I apologize for the lengthy story and a lot of details are still left out.

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    Ralphie Dos Nachos

    I needed this. going for my 3rd try at BEC and It's really just getting to me at this point. I still have REG after this and I almost welcome it because I am so sick of BEC. Congrats man!

    FAR - 76

    AUD - 89

    BEC - 84

    REG - 86

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