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    I just wanted to thank you for this forum. I don’t get to read it much but when I came across it the first time it was such a relief.

    When I came out of my first exam (FAR) a few months ago, I was so upset – I didn’t have enough time to finish the sims, felt there were many questions/sims on material I didn’t think they would concentrate on, it was tax season at work (accounting firm) and the past weeks had been crazy between work and study. I was teary-eyed that night and decided to go online to see if there was anyone else in the world that had felt this way after the exam. I came across this website and reading about other people’s experiences, or just seeing how many times people had taken the same exam over and over again gave me strength (sorry that you failed though :-)) and made me realize how lucky I was that it was my first time taking the exam. It minimized how upset I was and I realized that although I felt I had failed, there was a decent chance I had passed.

    So thank you and good luck to us all!

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    Yeah, this forum is awesome! I don't feel so alone in this process thanks to this forum.

    AUD - 95, BEC - 85
    REG - 85, Rawrrrrrr FAR - 88
    Used Becker for all sections.
    CA candidate not residing in CA

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