Should I take my CPA right after I obtain my BA in Accounting?

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    Short answer: no. Graduate level courses are more broad or more specific than undergraduate courses. I took the CPA out of undergrad and did fine. The only knowledge you need is the basics from school. You will learn/review the rest in whichever prep course you obtain. Take the exam soon while journal entries, economics, and other random topics are somewhat fresh in your mind. Study hard, and you will do great!

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    Take it as soon as you meet the requirements to sit for it in your state. Do not pass go, do not collect a Master's degree before you take the CPA exam. I finished undergrad in 2004, got married right after that, dilly-dallied around, I'm finally done with my Master's courses but there's so much in the Becker material that is review from undergrad, I wish I had taken the exam sooner.

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    Thanks for the responses. I figured thats what I should do, I just didn't want to start too early and overwhelm myself. I just spoke with a friend from some time ago. He just passed the exam all sections on the first try. He took the Becker, said he put in around 12-15 hours per week and watched the vids and followed the program exactly. I almost screamed when he goes, “It really wasnt as bad as I thought”. He said he left each section knowing he passed and didn't wait around to get his grades but rather continued to study for a new section. Of course, he took FAR first.

    But anyways, thanks again for the responses. I will take your advice and take the exam ASAP after I graduate.

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