Second Wave BEC – Question on WC

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    Ok, found out that I am definitely in the second wave due to secondary analysis of my half-a**ed WC. The first of the 3 WCs was strong but I ran out of time and wrote a dismal 5-6 sentences on the last 2 WCs…anyone been in similar territory and ended up ok? I guess I am fine with a borderline grade since if I don’t pass at least I close and hopefully will nail it next time.

    AUD - 89
    BEC - 83
    FAR - 81
    REG - 86
    Finally done - many thanks to Jeff and A71!

    F - 5/8/13 81
    R - 74, 2/7/14 86
    B - 74, 12/6/13 82
    A - 70, 11/4/14 89!!!

    I'm done 🙂 Many thanks to Jeff, A71 and Roger CPA!!!

    MBA and CPA

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    When I didn't pass BEC last time, my WC were “stronger”. I thought I did pretty well again (although my 3rd one had to be pretty brief because I was running out of time) but am getting a little nervous now if they're holding back the scores because of the WC…

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