Pursue a internal audit advisory role with B4?

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    Hello a71 community,

    I hope all of you are staying healthy and safe! I have be absent from the forum due to some personal reasons, but things are ok now.

    At any rate, I am here to ask for your opinion and insight in reference to an opportunity that has presented itself with PwC, in their internal audit services. This role requires 20% travel, but will vary depending upon client needs. Currently remote due to covid.

    That said, would I be insane to pursue this opportunity with PwC? Does anyone know if their internal audit consultants clock in crazy hours just like their external auditors? Lastly, how much is 20% travel? Would I be away from home long periods of time?

    At 38 y/o, I am a single father with a 10 y/o. I work for a very small municipality, 40 hour weeks, but 45-50 hours during the summer for y/e audit.

    I am seeking new opportunities because there is no room for growth in my current role, the work environment is not that great, and no annual merit increases due to budget constraints. That’s local government, folks. Lastly, my boss yells, curses, and calls me every 10 to 15 times per day. For misc things to do or inquire about something. I’m had enough of this job, and want better for my son and myself.

    Thank you!

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    I had worked in Advisory Services which included Internal Audit for a Big 4 when I was in a similar point in my life as you are. I had just gotten my MBA and was making a career change in my mid 30's. The hours should be better than it is for external audit. However, that really depends on the audit team that you are working with. I had stayed there for four years and it was getting to be too much for me because I was working for a partner that had an external mind frame. You do get your share of people who transfer from external and they can't get rid of that mindset. You get great experience but the workload really depends on the audit engagement that you get assigned to. It helped me out tremendously to have Big 4 on my resume, but i'd be lying if I said that it wasn't exhausting at times. Since you are a single father, it may be difficult for you to swing it. If you do accept, I would make make sure to work something out with them so that they understand your concerns. Some regions/locations for Big 4 are better than others when it comes to work life balance.

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    Hi WIP! I have done the single parent thing and throwing travel into the mix does not make that easier. Government accounting has its own trajectory. There is so much opportunity in that field. Your state will have certifications in govt finance – find them and see if your employer will help with cost. Other municipalities around you will have jobs open up and having the certifications will make you very competitive. My take is that PWC will not care that you have a child who needs you but if you have the support from family to do it for a couple years this may help your career in private in the long run. Be sure to be home before your child is a teen although now is the time to find the activities that will keep him/her engaged and out of trouble during those really trying years. Good luck!🍀

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