Post Exams Refresher?

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    Hope everyone is doing well in this time and studying is going well. For someone like me who has taken the exams a couple of years ago and does not work in an Accounting practice, I was hoping you could recommend some kind of refresher course/book etc. that I could utilize? Thanks!

    FAR 55, 76!

    REG 68, 85!

    AUD 74, 77!

    BEC 86!

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    Coursera has some pretty good free accounting courses from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. I took them when I was getting ready to start my MAcc and they were really good refreshers.

    FAR - 92 (Feb 2018)

    AUD - 83 (May 2018)

    REG - 86 (Aug 2018)

    BEC - 93 (Nov 2018)

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