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    Hi everyone, just need some advise. So a few months ago I passed my last exam n about 2 months ago I started working at a small to mid-level Accounting firm as a bookkeeper. This is my first accounting job ever and to be honest, I do not think I really enjoy using quick-book for 9+ hours a day. Anyways, I received a call form a very large hospital and have my second interview in about a week. I am extremely excited as, if I get the positions, my salary would go by about 45% n I will no longer have to drive back n forth about 2 hours a day to my current job (hospital position may be remote for a few days a week) nor work crazy long hours at a place where I do not like being. Well the first question is, does any1 know if hospitals will have CPA’s to sign off for my license after a year. I will ask this question during my interview but I am very curious now. 2nd, should I still take the job even if they do not sign off? I think I will even though I want to get my license at my current job and then start my own tax firm. Lastly, can any one tell me how hospital accounting jobs are as entry level accountants? Job responsibilities include prepare monthly fiscal reports, prepare n record assets, liabilities n rev, bank reconciliations, etc. Also, I will not share that I am currently working at an accounting/tax firm as I am afraid they would be thrilled to have some1 that is willing to give up on a job that is less than 2 months into. It will be a zoom interview with 7 of the managers, none of them are CPA. Any advice? what kind of questions can they ask? beside my current job, I was not working since 2018 as I studied and did real estate!! I know this is long but thank you.

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    If your goal is to run your own tax firm, taking a job at a hospital is a giant mistake, and ultimately a waste of time.
    You need to keep working in public accounting, and gain as much experience as you can, and learn as much as you can about running a tax shop.
    I understand that working in Quickbooks is not the greatest, but we all typically start there. The work you are doing now gives you a tremendous opportunity to learn from the ground up. You have to start somewhere. You can't run your own tax shop if you don't know how to do journal entries, read financials, and know how to fix your clients messed up QB file.

    If I were in your shoes I would reach out to the aging out baby boomers near your home. Find someone who wants to transition out in 3-5 years. Work with them, for a salary and a sweat equity position to eventually buy them out. Get the deal in writing. Any step that is not getting you towards your goal of being self employed, is a waste of time. The short term large bump in salary will ultimately not get you closer to your goal, or closer to the salary that will come with being self employed.

    Stay focused on your goal. Make sure your path brings you closer to the goal.

    Have you talked to your current boss about doing other things besides just QB data entry? Have you asked to start working on tax returns? Have you asked where they see you in 2-5 years if you stay in your current role gaining experience?

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