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    Behind one lies a car, behind the other two, goats! You choose a door and the host opens one of the two doors you did NOT choose to reveal a goat. Now he says, “Behind one door is a goat, behind the other is a car…would you like to switch?”. Do you switch? Why or Why Not? If applicable, what are your probabilities of winning before and after switching, respectively?

    Yes, this is the Monty Hall Paradox for all you smarty-pants’ out there. I think it’s an interesting scenario and I like to see what people would choose.

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    I checked the swangin and bangin thread, but didn't see a mention of an A71 Vegas trip. Do you have any more details?


    Sorry, chess. I mentioned the wrong thread. It was this thread, in which Swangin and Bangin was born:

    OT: Random $h!t

    We were just messin around. I'd totally be up for a Vegas trip but we would need someone to put the details together. I think it would be a ton of fun.


    Thanks Mini,

    Too bad, I had a grin on my face thinking about it – love Vegas!

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