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    I leave for China tomorrow morning for work. I am super excited but and dreading the long flight! I keep thinking ‘Oh this will give me such great study time!’ Honestly, I will end up sleeping most of the way. I am like a baby. I sit still long enough and I fall asleep any where!! Anyone here do the same thing? Plan on studying really hard and then do something completly unproductive? Anyone here been to Shanghai that can give some advice on cool things to do and see?

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    OH my gosh, akb! Why are you going to China? Email me if you don't want to talk on board (address is in my profile, you sort of have to decode it). I want to move to China and would love any information you have about working that out.

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    I am visiting there for work. One of my business units has an upcoming internal audit there so I have to go prep them for it. I will let you know how it goes 🙂

    have you ever visted China?

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