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    Hey, it’s Friday and I was inspired by Ben’s blog post that mentioned Marvel Avengers. Let’s have a little fun!

    What would be your superhero name and what would be your powers or abilities?

    My name would be Abzo (short for Abzolaninanookisplot pronounced (Ab-zow-lawnee-Na-nookee-splot)). I would be able to teleport (because I hate to drive), move objects with my mind, and never get sick or tired. Finally, to save the world, I would be able to turn trash into trees.

    My weakness would be creme brulee…of course, I’d have to ingest it.

    FAR Passed
    REG Passed
    AUD Passed
    BEC Passed

    All aboard, this train's leaving. Next stop, TBD!

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    I would keep Peanut for my superhero name. And my powers would be to teleport!!!!!!

    AUD 81 (X4) Previous scores 59, 72, 72
    REG 80 (X3) Previous scores 59, 60
    FAR 75 (X2) Previous score 67
    BEC 79 (X2) Previous score 58


    I would keep Kricket for my superhero name. My powers would be telepathy, moving faster than light, and mind reading. With those powers I could not only pass the CPA exam but I could get my clients to turn in their stuff, complete and on time.



    Ability to cram thousands of tidbits of pointless information that can be easily researched with google into my big unshapely head and recall it at will.

    My weakness would be ponies. 😀


    My name would be Django HammerFist, and my super powers are already a high tolerance for substance abuse and A GUN.


    Mind control 😀


    I'd keep littlenumberrobot and my power would be speed reading (so I can pass this test!).

    CA CPA - All because of the journey listed below
    FAR - 53('10), 8/25/12 79 PASSED!
    REG - 66('11), 69('12), 12/06/12 77 PASSED!!
    BEC - 58('10), 74('12), 01/05/13 77 PASSED!!!
    AUD - 43('11), 66('12), 69('13), 74('13) 7/29/13 85 PASSED!!!!!

    (Combinations of Roger, Yaeger, Wiley Book, Wiley TB, & NINJA Notes)

    Ethics 90%

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