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    Call me “old-fashioned” if you want to but if I meet someone in a business environment and I get a weak ass handshake I automatically start assuming the worst about them. Maybe I’m just a stickler about this but I’ve noticed this more and more especially with younger guys. For girls, sometimes you get part of the hand, what I call the “half shake”, where they don’t really go all the way in and kind of shake hands with your fingers rather than your palm. I let that slide if it’s firm, assertive and they look you in the eye.

    The bottom line is this, when you meet someone in my opinion, and I don’t care who it is janitor or CEO, you should look them square in the eye, introduce yourself in a confident voice and give them a firm hand shake. It commands respect and I think it speaks volumes about the person. You only get one shot at a first impression and you don’t want to start off with an uphill battle.

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    If I don't hear bones cracking and eyes looking away in tears, then I haven't introduced myself properly.


    @Baseball – I glady accept. The world is going to hell in a hand basket, the least society can do is handshake on it properly.

    In other news, I've been in a few “squeezing contests” myself…

    You go in for the firm handshake and the other dude's got a grip like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Next thing you know your trying to break each other's fingers in an attempt to get the other person to pull away, all the while your both pretending like absolutely nothing is going on.

    But you know…. and you know he knows…

    And all your sure of is you're going to win that damn handshake faceoff or bust you hand trying.

    I hate you CPA exam.


    I hate it when someone gives me such a strong grip. I'm a petite female. Is that really necessary? Sheesh.

    B 2/12 87
    A 11/11 90
    R 8/11 86
    F 5/12 88


    Just realized that I wrote “milkshake” instead of “handshake”…. what the heck was I thinking?! I think it was my in-n-out milkshake that I was drinking at the moment that deterred my thought. LOL

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