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    Hi everyone,

    My gf is going to have an “excel test” tomorrow for a job interview, where she’ll have to go through different scenarios. Does anyone know a good site where she can look at some sample excel simulations? They mentioned pivottables and vlookups.

    And if anyone has ever taken an excel test for an interview, any pointers?


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    mena je twa

    Since her test is tomorrow, ask her to google, VLookup, Macros etc and they will be in much detail with lots of examples and practice problem that she can work overnite.

    If she had time, i would go to half price books and get a used excel book, thats what i did

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    Try this site:


    It has a lot of good tutorials (video, written, slide shows) and does a very good job explaining how to use VLOOKUP, pivot tables and other items.

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