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    Hey everyone. I’ve been working for a public company as an Internal Auditor for about 2 years. My dream has always been to work for a Big4 company… I was actually far along the interview process at Deloitte on my last semester of college (which would’ve required me to relocate), but I had some family problems that required me to stay in town, and thus accept my current position. I enjoy my job but I think it’s time for me to pursue Big4.

    My question is… would it be appropriate to contact our external auditors (one of the Big4) and ask for a referral? I have a good relationship with both the Financial and the IT audit team…including the managers. If so, should I tell my boss first, just to make sure he’s OK with it? My gut feel is that yes, I should tell him before I contact the externals, but I get a feel he’ll get pissed, but then again I think he’ll be even more pissed if he finds out after the fact… I also haven’t had luck researching potential conflicts of interests of Internal Auditors working for the Externals…I know Externals can be hired by the company they audit, I’m just not sure how works the other way around?

    What do you guys think?

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    I don't think there's a conflict with you going to work for the Big 4 firm, the conflict would be if you turned around and started auditing your former employer right away. I'm not sure you'd be violating any IIA standards by talking to the firm about potential positions, but it may just be common courtesy to talk to your boss first. Sounds like a tough situation.


    Yes… definitely a sticky situation. I usually don't like to tell my current employer that I am looking for jobs until I know that I have a good chance of getting hired at another company… This is different though. I still the contact info from Deloitte's recruiter, I might contact her first before I do anything else!

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    I'd contact your recruiter (if it's the same firm) or try and get in touch with a recruiter for that firm first. Talk to the recruiter and mention you work at X client with whatever people are on the audit team and are interested in the Big 4. If they want a referral they'll ask the audit team anyway, and you pretty much have to go through a recruiter at the Big 4 regardless of connections. This way you avoid having to ask your boss to talk to the audit team and you get the benefit of looking for a new job.

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    I meant to respond to this yesterday, but forgot.

    Letting your current employer know that you are looking for a new job rarely ends well. Would you be prepared for them to let you go on the spot? I always suggest exploring your other opportunities, securing the new job, and then giving your current employer two to four weeks notice. Most employers understand that you wont be there forever.

    Regarding your “ethical dilemma,” I dont believe there is one. I agree that you wouldnt be able to turnaround and be a part of the audit team that audit's your prior employer. Other than that, I dont see any problems.

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