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    First, I just want to congratulate everyone who received passing scores over the past few days, it’s a fantastic achievement and you should be extremely proud of it. For those who didn’t pass, don’t let it discourage you from pursuing the CPA designation; in fact, I encourage you to browse this site, there are a lot of inspirational stories on here that could really help you in getting over the deflating feeling of not passing and back on track to studying for the next part. Second, I’m going to be taking a break from the site for a while, and the reason is two-fold: 1) It’s begun to interfere with my work; and more importantly, 2) Because of how busy I’ve been, the time I spend on this site isn’t nearly as productive as it used it be. We all know I like to stir the pot, but I would also occasionally offer some advice; something I find myself doing less and less these days. Maybe I’m just cranky from busy season…I’m not really sure. To anyone that I have unjustly lashed out at, I apologize. I’ll stop in from time to time, I just need to take a step back and allow this site to operate as it was intended: a medium through which candidates (past, present, and future) can swap advice on how to tackle the exam. I think I had a bigger impact in contributing to the devolution of the site than I thought. Perhaps I will be a little more active again when things calm down a bit at work. To Jeff — hopefully I didn’t cause you too much trouble. To the people that I’ve come to know in this community (minimorty, yankee, katiekanton, keeptrying, jomarie, peanut, MLA, CPAman, sacredtheory, sorry if I left you out, but you get the picture) — I wish you all the best of luck; it’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know you all and having the opportunity to maintain a virtual presence through the peaks and troughs of your CPA journey. To my nemeses Knight and JamesBlunt (just kidding, you’re not really my nemeses) — while we certainly had our differences and knock-down-drag-out altercations, I hope you both succeed in your CPA endeavors and in life; I was just messing around, context is just hard to convey through text. However, I’m still not voting Obama 😉 Take care, guys…I’ll see you around.

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    Oh, one more thing…GO GIANTS!!! Haha actually, I just hate the Patriots. Happy Super Bowl Sunday, everyone!


    Take care of yourself dude, and please don't leave forever. I've always enjoyed your bluntness about things. Good luck with tax season, are you in big 4? I work at a smaller firm, so tax season is tax season, but I imagine it's not as bad as the bigger firms.

    BEC: Passed
    AUD: Passed
    REG: Passed
    FAR: Passed



    Well thanks, Jared. Don't worry, I won't be gone forever, just taking a posting break…I still plan to visit to see how everyone is doing from time to time. Best of luck to you too, congrats to you and your wife on your adorable little girl…keep the vaseline out of reach!


    Thanks and good luck with busy season if you work at an accounting firm. Friends of mine have already started working weekends. I am glad I am not in tax. Well being on a new client has its crazy side too, so it's crazy all around I guess. GL


    Thanks, Knight. Yeah, definitely swallowed up by the audit busy season, but it'll be over soon enough (I hope). You seem a like a determined individual, so it looks like by May, you'll be all done with the CPA. You're right about being on a new client, you have to learn (at least on a basic level) the industry, major business processes, primary risks, key players within the organization, etc.; it can be exhausting. Hopefully you don't have to jump around too much.


    aw geez baseball I used to admire you until that Pats crack. NOW you're stirring the pot!

    We'll be looking for you around, good luck w/busy season!

    FAR- 77
    AUD -49, 71, 84
    REG -56,75!
    BEC -75

    Massachusetts CPA (non reporting) since 3/12.


    @Baseball – thanks for your contribution to the site. You gave me a little advice, and I sincerely appreciate.

    See ya around.

    A:[73]97 F:[74]85 R:86 B:[74]82
    *NINJA 10 Pt. COMBO & Yaeger*


    I think we are bonding a little, lol…. Correct to everything you said. It's very exhausting. I have done about 7 walk throughs already, I have 3 more to go and my senior is a stikler for detail. It's great experience, so I wouldn't trade it for anything but managing work, cpa studies and a masters program is no joke….aaarrggggh the Patriots just scored….


    Haha, I know, we're totally bonding. Well props to you, Knight, I can't believe you're able to do it during school and work…very impressive.


    Thanks for helping me out when I paniced about my FAR retake (ending up with a 79 btw). This site relies on alumni advice. Take a break and we'll see you after busy season.

    P.S. Maybe we can make you change your vote too! 🙂

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