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    I will delete the drama/bickering/flaming if I see it.

    None of us have time for it and another71 isn’t the place for it.

    Perhaps a “No Drama” post is drama itself, but you get my point 🙂


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    Old-school Powell Peralta “Cabellero” skateboard here. Last year I got an old-school Vision Gator skateboard for Christmas and didn't kill myself on it as of yet, so I figured what the heck.

    A 39 year-old skateboarding accountant. Go figure!

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    Santa spoiled me this year with really nice kitchen equipment… I'm an excellent chef!

    @katelyn I LOVE puzzles!

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    omg simslayer, when I read the first part of your post my thought was “oh to be young again”.

    I'm only 3 years older than you and NO WAY would you catch me risking injury on a skateboard, good for you!

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    Consider who really turned this thread from a peaceful happy thread to another drama filled thread……

    It's no surprise. The only beef I ever had on another71 is with that same person…..But anyways I digress

    So I spent close to $400 on gifts this year and have only gotten a $25 starbucks gift card…. lol I love my family…

    Somehow we never buy gifts all together each year. This year I would spend and they wouldn't. Next year I might decide not to spend much and they would spend…..



    mmhmmm…. nice job on passing the exam btw 🙂


    rknight I hope someone steps up to the plate and surprises you one year. My son did this year.

    He's 18 and as we all know, 18 year olds can be a bit self absorbed (understatement of the year). He only JUST got his first job and has been having a merry little time showering himself in new clothes, shoes, etc.

    Was I ever SHOCKED when he handed me a box from Nordstrom (a place Ive never even set FOOT in, momma is a walmart kind of gal) with a lovely coach clutch in it. Coach? Like a myth I've only heard of it but never seen one! Sadly it dindt leave him with any money to get a gift for Dad (I feel so sad for my husband) but wow!!!!!

    He also got an outfit for his little sister's favorite doll <3

    It was a long wait for such a nice treat, but well worth it!

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    @mla1169, that just made me really happy reading that! Stepping up his game at a young age, if only more men could do that 😛 lol I go a little crazy in the gifting department… I just love to buy things for people. I'm someone most people want to punch in the face

    I have a September 1st start date with xmas shopping–but it gives me a lot of time to come up with great ideas 😀

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    @Peanut, I'm right there with you, I'm generally done shopping by Thanksgiving (yeah, one of those). It hurts less when I spread the spending over a few months as opposed to a giant bill come end of December. The exams got in my way this year so all of my spending was condensed into the first half of Decembers and OUCH. Dropped $1300 on my family/friends/myself.

    I did score some nice gifts in return though. I got a Snuggie from my boyfriend's parents – I admit it's pretty darn toasty! And MUCH better than the alternative gift they had planned – Hello Kitty Onesie PJs. Finally, being too short paid off! Dodged a bullet there.

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    @mla1169 – That is so sweet; sounds like you did a good job raising him. 🙂

    I had my family over for the holidays. It was our first Christmas in our new home. We had game & pizza night on Christmas Eve, and then ate and played more games on Christmas. Overall it went really well. I bought a couple ginger-bread house kits that I was hoping the family would put together in two teams, but we didn't have time. Everyone got caught up playing Dance Central and Rock Band. 🙂 I won every single board game and like 80% of the video games, which started to make people annoyed, so I eventually dropped out because I didn't want a riot in my house lol.

    My fiance made the turkey, which was nerve racking because it was our first time cooking a turkey. According to my mom, it was the best turkey she's ever had. Even the white meat in it was perfectly moist… mmmmm. It really was amazing.

    I had my Nana for secret santa, and I got her some really fancy temperature sensative slippers, and I really cool stocking with lots of neat stuff in it. She has her birthday coming up on Jan 5th and I got her a down comforter, which I know she needs.

    I ended up getting a ton of stuff from my little sister, who had me as her secret santa. I think my favorite present is the slippers that she got me. I've been without slippers for at least two years!!! She also got me a huge makeup case which is pretty awesome. Really I don't care about presents on Christmas though. I just want to be around my family. And not having to worry about studying at all was REALLY AWESOME!

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    With teens, I got a nice big headache for xmas. Lol.

    AUD - Passed:)
    FAR - Passed:)
    REG - Retake TBD
    BEC - Missed by 3 points Retake TBD

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