Middle East Conflict Affecting Mental Health?

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    I have been away from the forum for a while, but I want to vent and post a different kind of thread. Firstly, I want to discuss how this Israel and Hamas conflict is affecting your studies and mental health? I am feeling ashamed and down because I am studying for this exam, meanwhile, there are men, women and children being murdered! I had a challenging time with my final review for BEC, which I tested for this past weekend. I cannot flip the channel without being drawn into the nightmare that is going on in the Middle East by major news outlets. In addition, I am having a tough time explaining to my 7 year old son what is happening in the Middle East, and why the world is not all rainbows. And how the US could possibly be headed into a major war; these events have been taxing on my mind.

    To make matters worse on my mental health, I have a young cousin, 24 years’ of age, he serves in the Marines and is on standby for deployment to the Middle East. I spoke to him on the phone last week, and he’s stated that he’s willing to fight for Americans and anyone who kills the innocent, no matter race or creed, and he knew what he had signed up for. We ended the call with a “see you later”.

    Secondly, what if I cannot pass this exam? In a previous post I had mentioned that this will be my final shot. What else is a respectable cert for accountants? I work in government, and do not plan on going into public accounting. And I successfully landed a role as a tax preparer with a local CPA for this upcoming tax season. I want other accounting exposure, besides debit this and credit that on the GL.

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