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    Not a U.S. citizen, nor a resident.
    went to Ohio state (final GPA was 3.95), passed CPA exams under Hawaiian jurisdiction after studying 8 months.
    I had to leave U.S. to join the military service back in my home country; so I got no job experience.
    Got under 150 credits – the only reason that I took the CPA tests in Hawaii – and I need some more credits to get a licensure, and settle in states.
    Think my best shot is getting into one of those MAcc programs, and applying for a job position before I finish MAcc.
    I also got a GMAT score of 660 or 670 which I took more than 5 years ago, after I had prepared it for three weeks. I don’t think it’s a competitive score among international students, so I gotta have to get at least 700.
    What are my chances of getting accepted into one of the top MAcc programs once I get my GMAT score of minimum 700?
    Any suggestions on my plan or thoughts?

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    First, based on your academic record and GMAT score I wouldn't think you'd have trouble getting into a top program.

    But I might reconsider and go for a MBA. I went the MAcc route as well, but that was before I had taken any of the CPA tests. I think you'll find that much of the MAcc and CPA material is redundant, and aimed at preparing you for the CPA. I've always thought/been told that the CPA trumps the MAcc which is why many partners don't have one. The MBA would give you more of an insight into finance and management that can be enhanced by your accounting knowledge.

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    cpa trumps all in my opinion. i recommend mba to complement the cpa once you qualify for license after credits


    would consider MBA as another choice…Thanks to both of you

    Biff Tannen

    Totally depends what your goals are. If you’re trying to stay in public and make partner, than all you really need is your CPA license. If you think you’ll move to industry at some point in your career, then a Macc might open some more doors for you, but like others have echoed, the CPA and MBA combo would be a killer. Especially if you move to industry.

    A macc from a top program is pretty useless. The only benefit you would get is getting recruited into a big 4. These days the turnover in big 4 is so high (especially among seniors) that they have no choice but to recruit at smaller state schools. So again, a macc from a big name school is pretty useless. Go For for the mba

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    MACC's seem pretty worthless to me. Colleges offer the 5 year program as a way to fit the additional 30 credits into a masters but its just a money scheme in my opinion. MBA from a credible program/Masters in Tax is the way to go but I wouldn't do any of them unless my employer paid at least a majority of it. for the additional 30 i'd just do community college credits. CPA is above all. No need to waste money any of those degrees unless its not out of your pocket.

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    You would be a very competitive applicant at any MAcc program, and your GMAT is fine, but you will need to take it anyway as it is over 5 years old and no longer accepted at most schools. MAcc degrees are generally seen as not worth much once you get your CPA. You do get access to career services and recruiting events, but as a previous poster mentioned, you don't need it to get a Big 4, or any other accounting job.

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    WOW. My GMAT score was 560 and I was accepted by my school's MPA program. Thank god I didn't have to compete against international students…

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    MAcc is 100% worth it and not only gives you the units you need to be certified but also gives you a clear advantage over anyone without a graduate degree. When I first started out in public if you only had your undergrad degree the starting base was $50k vs $55 with a MAcc. Many upper management positions also require a grad degree in addition to or in place of a CPA. I certainly would not be a VP, Corporate Controller in my current firm without a MAcc. My boss, the CFO of my company, has a MAcc as well. An MBA is great and obviously highly regarded but it takes 3-4yrs vs 1-2yrs for a MAcc. If you have the extra time and money to invest in an MBA it’s great to have but a masters in general is a big deal to employers and all you need to check the grad degree box. Definitely go for your MAcc if you can. Good luck!

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    are you considering a master’s to meet the 150 hours requirement or to make you more competitive for jobs? If the hours, consider doing undergrad hours because they are cheaper and should get you into recruiting. If your undergrad was not accounting then consider a MAcc that will also get you into recruiting with firms. MBA is ok but more generic unless you choose a specialization – also can be very expensive and recruiting will be more management and consulting and recruiting may not be Big 4. Think about what your goals are and look for schools that suit them. I always urge folks to consider Appalachian State in Boone NC. Great accounting and MBA programs, very international friendly, reasonably priced, excellent relationships with regional and national accounting firms. Downside is far from airports. For that you can look at UNC-Charlotte too.
    My MBA took less than 2 years.

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