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    Hey everyone, I hope I made it to the right page for this because I am really seeking some help. My questions are based on the courses LSU online offers for accounting and the difficulty and course work surrounding them, specifically Intermediate Accounting Part 2. In order to graduate college, I only have one course before I am able to receive my degree. My college is much more expensive than what LSU offers this class for, with LSU offering the class at a price right under $900 USD. From the looks of it, this seems like a great idea to me. Has anyone on this forum taken Intermediate Accounting 2 at LSU online and what do you think the required study level would it take to receive an A or B? I would also like to add that I would like to finish this class in 6 weeks or less so I am able to receive my degree by the end of summer, and if that would be possible. Thank you all so much for any input I receive on this post and I am looking forward to hearing what others responses are surrounding this class.

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    I just finished two accounting courses at University of North Alabama because I needed them for my CPA license in Florida. The courses were only $545 plus an app fee or something like that. So, I think it came to $595. I actually enjoyed the setup and the courses are based on Wiley CPA prep. I already have my degree though so you may need to check with them about how transient student courses work.

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    When I was doing my NASBA, I was surprised to see how many colleges I actually went too! Too many. I moved around a lot, took advantage of lower prices at other universities, and simply did what was best for me at the time. Recently, I had a relative (who was in high ranks with the U.S. Dept. of Education) recommend to me Western Governor's University, which I ultimately did not use because I was enrolled already in a grad program with a state school. So online diplomas are going mainstream for sure. Just make sure ahead of time that the credits do transfer to the school that is granting you the diploma. I'm doing review with UWorld Roger CPA, and all of my past accounting classes (regardless of where I took them) have been useful for the exam. It's good that you're open to online courses; I have had to take all of my traditional courses this way because of COVID and it has been both educational and convenient.


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