is prometric center in chicago open?

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    Hi all,
    I got the email from the Prometric that my current test center will be closed on the date that I reserved so now the closest location is the Chicago IL. When I check the availability on the prometric website, the earliest date is May 11, but I am wondering if it is updated or not. sometimes the Prometric website is not updated right away…
    Does anyone know if the test center will be open on this date? Thanks!

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    You should be able to verify on the Prometric website. I'm not entirely sure how reliable or up to date the information may be. Here's a link for site openings:

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    @Smallgiant which location were you originally scheduled for? I’m schedule for May 16 at the Sycamore location. I haven’t gotten an email that confirms nor cancels my appointment.

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    Katt Pham

    My exam is scheduled for May 11 in the loop. I've not gotten an email confirmation nor cancellation from Prometric. But looking at the site-opening links and I don't see any location in IL opened for CPA exam. I think my exam will be canceled next week :(. If it's true, it would be really bad. I have been studying for this exam since January. If I wait longer I will forget. I have two more exams to pass until FAR expires in November and my due date is coming soon in August.

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