I had enough! And how to schedule interviews without them knowing?

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    CPA is a WIP

    Hello A71 community:

    Hope all is good with everyone. I am reaching out to the forum because I am starting my job search. I have found several promising roles within higher education, manufacturing, NFP, and other industries. I would consider tax accountant roles; I enjoyed preparing my own state and local taxes, but I do not have experience in that field.

    Moreover, for 2 long years, I have been working in this awful toxic work environment, caused by the finance director. I am very miserable at this job and its’ beginning to affect my personal life. I went as far as stopping my CPA studies; he has made me loathe accounting. I posted all about this role a while ago. I stuck it out for this long because I thought the work environment would get better, I have improved with my shortcomings, but this guy is relentless and nauseating; hes’ never pleased with anything! I even breathe wrong, according to him.

    All that said, what would be the best plan of action I should take to attended multiple in-person interviews, if I receive an invite? How about phone interviews? Should I schedule those around lunchtime? What if the interviewer has a later time slot say 1 or 2 pm? They will find it odd if I take a later lunch due to the fact that I always leave the office at 12pm.

    Thank you!

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    Do you have PTO or sick leaves? can you let them know on the day of interviews that you don't feel well? Don't schedule interviews around lunch time, recruiters need to eat too. Also for phone interviews, just find a quite room somewhere in the office building, or go to work a bit late, if you can get an early morning one.

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    It’s completely okay to lie to your employer and say you have a “doctors appointment” or something of that sort. If you’ve already made up your mind that quitting is the best route, then you no longer have a duty to be loyal. Just sit around, collect a check, apply for new jobs, then bounce out at 5 pm.

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    Just WFH or take the day off.

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    Potential employers are generally understanding and willing to work around the hours of a prospective that's currently employed. W/ that said, it doesn't mean you should expect them to hold the interview at 6am or 7pm just for you, but maybe 7:30am, so you can still make it back to current work at a reasonable time, or maybe at 5pm after you get off from your current work, etc.

    Phone interviews are best held early in the morning or later in the afternoon. Lunch time will be fine as well.

    As always, communicate. Let the potential employer know what hrs work for you and be willing to work w/ their convenience as well.

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    I'm curious about this myself. If you suddenly start leaving early late and taking time off work, when you normally didn't previously, you run the risk of them finding out.

    You also have to be very careful about not wearing a suit to work, assuming you didn't before.

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    Biff Tannen

    “You run the risk of them finding out”

    The OP is a CPA. CPAs are in high demand and OP will surely find a new gig pretty quickly. Who cares if they find out – the OP has made up his/her mind that quitting is the best course of action. Who cares what his employer thinks.

    As for the suit thing, take an extra change of clothes with you to your job interviews. Go dressed up to the nines to your interview, but change to your normal business casual clothes after your interview. You don’t want to show up to the office wearing a suit after your doctors appointment. That will surely raise an eyebrow

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