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    In order to increase my profit in my company, I decided to develop it on the Internet. Now many of our competitors create websites or mobile applications. In my opinion, a mobile application is a more effective tool for modern business. How do you like the idea?

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    This seems like spam…or it's about to be.

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    Many people want to create their own mobile application, so they are looking for specialists and are ready to pay good money, and where the money is spinning, there are many different scammers. I wanted to order a simple mobile application and trusted the first server, who beautifully promised to do everything at the highest level, but after I paid them an advance payment, they blocked me, so I don’t have to trust everyone.

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    That's awful. Tell me more. Wait – I'm guessing you're going to let me know who finally solved this for you.

    I can't hardly stand the suspense. It's like each episode of The Terminal list!

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    You raised an interesting topic, I will soon have to turn to programmers for help in creating an application on my phone, I want to find a normal and not expensive company that will be ready to create a program according to my description for our future customers, we are going to open our own store and this program will help attract clients.

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    Thank you for joining Gilbert. The odds that all three of you found each other in a CPA Exam forum to discuss programming an application…well, they are so low that my simple brain can't comprehend it. It truly was meant to be!

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    I grabbed the popcorn!

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