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    If you just came out of a near death situation…or survived a surgery where yiu had 1% chance to come out alive, would you study to become a CPA?

    I’d burn all my books and get into singing or porno business. Doing what you love + hot girls = happy man.

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    Probably continue studying so I can pay off my medical bills from said near death experience.

    FAR 93
    AUD 89
    REG 81
    BEC 87
    Ethics 100

    Becker 2012 Self-Study


    I'd have my Kindle with the Ninja notes open in the hospital bed with me!

    The Dingo

    How the last passing score is like a near death experience:

    1. You'll see a bright light…except it's actually the sun, because you've been under the library florescent lights for six months and forgot what “outside” is like.

    2. You won't see dead relatives, but you will see people who thought you were dead.

    3. Heart palpitations each time you double-check your scores on the NASBA / State site.


    Ha. You got it, Dingo!

    Licensed CPA in Indiana

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